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I have 2 girls, 4 and 1.5. The older one has been sleeping in our room (bad habit, I know) on a toddler bed, wile her younger sister is in her room happily sleeping in her crib for 12-13 hours a night without a peep. The oldest sleeps great n our room, but when we try to put her in the other room, she is up all night, causing commotion, waking the house because she doesn't want to be there. We want her out of our room, but also want everyone to sleep. Bedtime is the toughest because she has a very hard time laying down to sleep without waking her sister. Any suggestions to moving her into their room without minimal hassle?


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We JUST got our 2 yr old into her room again. I have a 2 month old too! The baby sleeps in our room in her bassinet at the moment but will soon be moving into the room w/ her sister. I have to lay with the 2 yr old or she will scream and get out of bed 6736737 times lol

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My older son slept with me until he was 3 years old. When his brother was born, we bought a new house, and they have been sharing a room ever since. We gave them the biggest room, (mostly because they have so much stuff) Having 'someone' there, has really helped the big brother adjust. He also gets the dog in there with him.

As far as not waking up little brother (or sister, in your case), it was just common sense that keeps them quiet. You don't want to wake up little bro/sis, or they will cry all night long and you'll be stuck listening to it. We have always allowed books in bed, but the rules remain. Stay quiet and stay in bed. They fall asleep almost instantly.

It's funny, your situation is almost the same as mine was. Older kid slept with us always, and younger kid couldn't care less. I am pregnant with my third now, and wonder how things will go this time around.

Good luck!

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Before we had our third our first two shared a room. Now the boys share a room and our daughter has her own. We made a big deal for them to have "BIG" beds (twin). We bought sheets and blankets for it. Frequently one of them starts the evening in our bed so the baby doesn't wake up. When we go to bed we move them to their own bed. Good Luck

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my 5yr old son is sleeping with me at the moment(8mths now) is hard,although i dont mind as they grow up so fast and it will be all gone, but if its affecting you and ur hubby, i was thinking of getting my son a new bed and he can pick his new bed cover and sheets...ect...maybe get some cool cushions she may like too...and some glow in the dark stickers for her celling....lay in there with her for a little while,with some books about the stars...ect...just some ideas...good luck xx 

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