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which lotion is better for babies baby skin is so dry i am using baby lotion but her skin is so bad....please tell me which is better for babies...


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Tally - posted on 02/04/2010




The best thing for your baby's skin is the Renew body wash, Renew lotion and Renew bath oil. In addition you need to be aware of the fact that many baby washes and baby shampoos use harmful preservatives ( like formaldehyde ) along with other chemicals that are irritating to the skin, and bad for the overall health of the child ( or any human).
Laundry detergents and cleaners are also irritants that should be removed from the child's environment and replaced with natural products.
I have had to do this in my own home and it has made a huge difference in our lives.
I can share more information on how you can switch out your home and make it a safer and healthier place for your family without changing your budget.

let me know if you'd like more info.

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Julie - posted on 02/04/2010




My son has a dermatitis condition (can't spell it off the top of my head. He has an extra layer growing over his folicles which causes alligator type skin). I used this prescription for awhile. It was 20.00 a small bottle, and burned him. Then, I found.......wait for it....... Aveeno. This stuff works wonders. Every night I cream him up with the fragrence free lotion, and on the really bad spots i use hydricortisone from Aveeno too. It is almost like he doesn't even have a condition. And the best part? one tub costs less and lasts longer than that stuff the doctors gave me, and he hasn't cried once since the switch. Good luck!

Kelly - posted on 02/04/2010




Two kids with eczema I use Aveeno for baby (dark blue cap) for eczema. They make a wash and lotion that work great and are not real greasy. I did use baby lotion when they got real bad. They have beautiful skin now:)

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Eucerin and Aquaphor are both great! I also use to buy Burt's Baby Bees Apricot Oil and put it in his bath water. I also like Burt's Baby Bees Buttermilk Lotion. Aveeno makes gentle non drying baby washes which also helps.

Jennifer - posted on 02/04/2010




My son used to have problems with dry skin in the winter and I would wash him with a very mild soap twice a week (cetephil is great, but is not a tear free soap, so you have to watch it doesn't get in her eyes). I would also put gold bond ultimate healing lotion on him everyday. Don't bath your daughter too often, because the warm water makes dry skin worse. 2x a week is plenty unless something happens that she needs one sooner (ie blow out diaper, pee through diaper...).

Brandi - posted on 02/03/2010




Eucerin or Aquaphor (both made by Eucerin). They work really well for dry skin. My son has eczema and those are the lotions I use most when he is having an outbreak. good luck.

Crystal - posted on 02/03/2010




I agree with Darylann about the Aquaphor... but I only used this when my kids were infants. It's pretty thick, but works. My sister uses it on her son, he has really sensitive skin.. they even have a body wash.:) Now that my kids are older, I use Aveeno. My daughter was having dry skin patches and our pediatrician recommended Aveeno for babies... you can find it in the baby section of lotions.

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put baby oil on her while she is in the bath be careful when you pick her up that she don't slip, then when you dry her off pat her don't rub. if you do this everyday to every other day it will help a lot.

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