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my daughter has been sleeping thru the night from about 8 weeks, she is breastfed, she is now about 8 months ols has recently started waking up i the middle of the night an wont go back to sleep unless i nurse her...any suggestions


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at 8 months old, feed her some Rice cereal right before bed-time. it stays in the stomach longer than breast milk alone,a nd she should sleep through the night again.

Jennifer - posted on 10/15/2009




My daughter did the same thing. It could be a growing stage where she just needs more (especially since breastmilk isn't as heavy in the stomach or filling as something like formula or rice milk) or it might be her seeking comfort... could she be teething as well? My daughter started waking up when her teeth began to come through- feeding helped calm her down so she could relax again and go back to sleep. See how long it lasts... if it's a growing stage, she'll stop in a week or so.... if she's seeking comfort, try having someone else go in there and comfort her if you really want to break the habit. If she's teething, you can use baby tylenol (or if that doesn't work, she's old enough to try baby motrin) or orajel to help her relax more at night. My doctors also said that if it's a big learning time (like if she's developing a lot skills like crawling, standing, walking, etc), they'll wake up more at night too- sometimes out of excitement over the accomplishment, sometimes to practice, etc. It's a phase too and it'll stop once the newness gets old. My daughter was getting up once a night- sometimes screaming in pain, sometimes not for about 3-4 months while her teeth pushed through (and also it was that developmental excitement my doctors were talking about along with it- hense the nights where she wasn't screaming, but just cruising in her crib). She's just now starting to go back to sleeping through the night. Hope this helps and good luck!

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had that with my doctor told me it had to do with the age (he was same age as yours) his doc said that around that age they start to realize that we are two separate bodies and that they will do that for the comfort and security of having us near by and that they may not really be hungry...(i was getting up every hour to nurse him) he said to have someone else go into the room to comfort them instead...

Sasha - posted on 10/15/2009




wat happened is that right now she's probably on a growing stage, just try your best to keep breastfeeding...

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