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Crystal - posted on 10/30/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




my daughter just turned one and for a bit over a week now she has been impossible to put down at night she screams bloody murder as if in fear of something she has a lamp and night light aswell as this lady bug thingy that makes her room light up with stars and play music and nothing seems to work but nap time has no issue going down the only way i have been able to get her to sleep is if i hold her or have her sleep with me any other suggestions anyone may have?


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Noell - posted on 11/02/2012




have you tried the johnson bed time bubble bath and lotion??? i felt like that helped my 3 year old alot we would take a rather exciting bath then calm down to get rubbed with lotion and he was practically asleep by the time i put him in bed so he wouldn't even really notice i left the room but it is not as helpful with my daughter she is allergic to it so it doesn't work for everyone good luck though!!

Rachel - posted on 10/30/2012




My youngest daughter is also one and she began behaving the same way. Daddy and I tried EVERYTHING to get her to sleep and to stop screaming. She, like yours, seemed really insecure and the only thing we could do was to lay down with her and wait till she fell asleep. If, heaven forbid, she got woke up again later, it started the whole thing all over again. I am the oldest of six kids in my family, so I'm used to having all the answers (tongue in cheek :D). But on this one, I ended up calling my baby sister and asking her for advice. Her one year old had been having the same issues and I wondered what she did. She told me that sometimes there is a health reason for them not being able to relax their body and sleep. That was what was wrong with her son; he wasn't able to digest his food properly, so his body was running it off at bedtime. She had to change his diet. But my daughter didn't have that problem. She suggested, and I did this and it worked, that there be a bedtime routine that happens the same way every night. Lay with Baby, holding him till he goes to sleep, for about a week. Then lay next to Baby on the floor, but holding his hand/rubbing his back, for another week or so, till Baby adjusts to this. Then, still following the same bedtime routine(bath, story, prayers, etc.), move to the rocking chair, but still in the same room, till he adjusts to that. Eventually, once Baby has the security of the same routine, he will be able to relax sufficiently to go to sleep when the routine is finished without needing the extra holding. Of course, it's always nice to cuddle and hold our babies at bedtime. But I know what you mean...eventually, it's just bedtime! We can't spend the rest of our lives rocking them to sleep. They have to learn to sleep on their own. But she said that for awhile that extra cuddling is what they need, but be methodical about it to help them relax to sleeping on their own. We tried this for a couple weeks. For us, because Jane didn't have any physical issues like my sister's son, she adjusted to going to bed even sooner than we anticipated. I know every child and family is different. I only posted what helped us, so maybe there might be some little tidbit that might help you. Hang in there! :)

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