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My son just turned 1 and has slept with me since he was a little baby I didn't have a problem with it till my husband started working day shift and now he sleeps with us at night! I moved my sons crib into our room. I've tried to put him in it to sleep and he screams bloody murder. I still rock him to sleep which is probably a big problem but if I get him to sleep in my bed and put him in his bed he wakes right back up and screams. I have actually gotten him to sleep and got into his bed with him and put him to sleep but that doesn't always work.. Any tips or advise would be appreciated!


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I know it sounds terrible, but you're going to have to let him cry it out.
After four sons, I can tell you that letting them cry themselves to sleep is going to be harder on you than it will be on him. But stick it out. It really does work.
Some ideas to make it easier:

1. Be excited when you tell him about it. He may not be old enough to really understand all the details, but he will see that you think it's something great. Explain to him that this is how everyone goes to bed and now he's old enough to do it, too.
2. Get something new to celebrate his new bedtime routine. A stuffed animal, new sheets with his favorite characters on them, one of those night lights that makes stars on the ceiling. I know he's only one, but keep acting like this is his special day.
3. Set the routine. Bathtime. Read a bedtime story. Sing a nighttime song. Whatever works for you.
4. Kiss him good night. Give him a happy smile. Step out and shut the door.
5. He's going to cry. Know that it's going to happen. Let him do it. It takes a while for little kids to learn how to calm themselves down and go to sleep, but they ALL manage. For one son, it took four nights. For another, it took two.

Keep to the routine. Keep smiling. Every night it will take less and less time until he learns to relax and drift off on his own.
I know it seems hard, but in the end, he'll be happier because he can sleep on his own. And you'll be happier because you'll have a full night's sleep and some alone time with hubby.

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Hey Paige, I had this Problem with my little girl, starting from 9 months she is now 16 months, we have figured out with our cot bed that we can take off one side of the cot, and level it off with our bed, and she tends to sleep in there. It was difficult and first as neither me or my partner believe in controlled crying, But after a couples of weeks being in her bed, she didnt go to sleep in there but she now climbs over us to get in and out the cot. and takes herself to bed now when she knows she is drifting off.


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I put all of mine in dark rooms from birth. When they are very little in our room I keep it dark and then when they move I do. However, I think a night light is perfectly fine and may help the adjustment. Perhaps you can play with the baby in that room during the day so it becomes familiar. If the baby is put to sleep in that room then he'll remember it when he wakes up in the night. Especially after the first few nights. I promise it's only tough the first few times then they come along very easily!

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Paige, as a mom of 3 little ones who I've sleep trained I have a few thoughts. First, he's probably too old to be in your room because if he stirs, rolls over and remembers you are there. Game over! There's nothing wrong with him being there, of course, but if you want him to sleep on his own and transition through active and passive sleep cycles, he'll need to not be able to see you guys. If you put him in your bed to sleep then transfer he'll scream when he realizes what's been done. The key is to get him to go to sleep in his own crib and stay there. NOW. I know that's the whole issue.

What I'd suggest initially is moving the crib out of there, even if it's in a random room somewhere nearby. Telling him calmly and kindly that he's going to sleep in his crib. You can rock him, sing to him, pat him, etc. but put him down to sleep in his own crib. It's inevitable he's going to cry or fuss since you are changing something so don't take that as a bad sign. You can hold him by the crib for a few minutes, put him in it, pat him and then go outside the door. I'd give him a few minutes or more then go back in to settle, but DON'T pick up. Picking up will just keep him awake. You can shush or calm or give the pacifier, etc. but then go back out again.

It'll take a while for him to get the idea but he will eventually. You have to start how you mean to go on, and it may be a nightmare for a while but it'll change. If he goes to sleep in his crib then wakes up in his crib he won't be disoriented. He's not trying to be fussy or manipulative, but he is used to the bed and likes it and then is confused/scared when he wakes up and you've moved him. Natural sensation. The goal is to know that you are in charge, you are the mother, you know what's best and just power through the change!


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