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Teena - posted on 09/15/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




Hi I'm wanting any advice from mums out there. I have a 3 1/2 month old who I am weaning onto formula as I've had so many problems with my milk supply that it was frustrating me too much to continue. However I now have a dilemma in that my little one seems to be constantly hungry even though I am making the correct formula dosage for her age. She will drink most of the bottle and leave 20-40mls and then doesn't want anymore and then about an hour later she is hungry again and will drink a further 40-50mls. Also her night sleep pattern has changed. She's gone from sleeping through to now needing 1 feed during the night.

Also on a different avenue she will fight her way out of a wrap but I can't leave her arms free as she will suck her fingers and then not go to sleep. If I giver her a dummy she will pull it out to suck on fingers and then not sleep.

If anyone can give me some advice on any of these matters it would be greatly appreciated.


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Teena - posted on 09/16/2009




Hi ladies. Thank you all for your replies. I didn't get a chance to put any of them into practice I'm afraid as it seems to have been just a stage my baby was going. through. Since posting my original question she has been sleeping the appropriate time during the day and has gone back to sleeping through the night. As for the wrapping I've just put her in a bigger wrap.

I want to thankyou all for your advice. I will be sure to consider it all if I need it again in the future.

Kayla - posted on 09/16/2009




try putting rice baby cereal in her bottle before she goes to bed for the night.

Carrie - posted on 09/16/2009




Hey Teena

ok you may think i am a crazy mom...but with all three of my children i have done the same for and have had no problems....i mixed a little bit of rice baby cereal in their bottles...example 4 oz of bottle of formula i put 2 scoops (that come with your formula) of the rice...i know doctors say dont do this and have been for many years but it help with all three of my kids... each mom is to there own just tellin you what i did and do... all my babies were sleepin thru the night by 3 1/2 months with NO midnight feedin or 2 or 3 am feedings ....

Jenny - posted on 09/15/2009




my son is 10 weeks old i had to up his dose on formula to 150mls 3 scoops cause he was feeding every hour and wakin up every 2 hrs for a feed i had to do that at 2 weeks old

have u tryed uping her dosage it wont do any harm for your baby my son dose the same with sucking his fingers what i found that helped was rugging him up and putting a dummy in his mouth that held great

Jessica - posted on 09/15/2009




ok, i had the same trouble with my daughter and asked the doctor and nurses about it, they told me to try and get hold of some samples of different brands of formula and try each of them till i find one that suits and she is able to have every 3-4 hours, so i listened to their advice and done that and finally found a formula that worked for me and her so she wasnt hungry an hour after and i didnt have a problem since, or try some wind drops (ask a doctor or chemist on the dosage) or a tea spoon of brown suger in 60mL warm water (old wise tale), as for the sleep patterns my daughter slept right through the night 2 weeks after i put her on the right formula and she was only 2months old so i cant be as much help there, but good luck! and let me know on how you go!

Jackie - posted on 09/15/2009




Please do not give the baby more formula after 1 hour. You can over feed a formula fed baby unlike breast milk and they should only be eating every 3 to 4 hours. Try burping her more often and if she is fussy after 1 hour then lay her across your legs with her belly on your legs and rub her back. Like Dianne said she may have gas or an upset tummy after the formula. If you feed her more you are just adding to the problem and very quickly will end up with a colic baby. Laying her on your legs will warm up her belly and help her move along the formula and the gas. I would find out your family history with milk allergies and any lactose intolerance and speak with your doctor about lactose free formula or soya formula as an option.

As for sleeping, I'm not 100% sure why a nursed baby was sleeping through the night and that actually could have been the source of your milk supply issues. As for her sleeping through the night on formula that is still pretty unheard of at 3 months old. The sucking of the fingers, there isn't much you can do about that except figuring out what is causing the tummy aches. Sucking on fingers is another sign of gas issues They suck/eat more because it feels better at the moment. But in the end it actually can make the issue worse between sucking in air while sucking on fingers and adding more food to the problem also. So get the gas under control you may notice a difference in the finger sucking.

Dianne - posted on 09/15/2009




have u had a test weigh to compare how much she gets from you and how much she takes in in formula? Also is she actually hungry after an hour or is it that she has a tummy ache because it is the wrong formula for her? When my first was little I too had to give up feeding after a disastrious time. Mine was crying after about an hour but it turned out she was dairy intolerant and so had a sore tummy and wouldnt sleep, after putting her onto a soy formula (with paediatricain supervision) she was much more settled and gained weight hugely. Just a thought

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