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Joyce - posted on 10/18/2009 ( 11 moms have responded )




My 5 month olds son never sleep on his back, he would wake up and cry so loud, but once I put him to sleep on his tummy, he is fine and sleep so well. Does any moms has the same situation with their babies?


Allison - posted on 10/18/2009




I had this issue with two of my children stomach sleeping was the only way they would sleep. I remember when they would go to daycare the staff could only lay them on their backs so they never slept there. Honestly I hate how the world today says do this do that when really it changes ever few years anyway because someone proved some theory wrong. I really think that no matter what things happen whether they are on their back, side, with a nuk or without out, in a crib or carseat. I think knowing our children and doing what is best for them is the key thing. I think you should let your little man sleep how ever he is most comfortable and if you are worried stay up and watch him sleep cause either way he will be up right? Good luck sweetie

Kendra - posted on 10/18/2009




Yup. My daughter is the same way. I know they say to make your baby sleep on his/her back, but my daughter is starting to roll over anyway. So, if I put her on her back, she'll just roll over on her tummy anyway. I think, as long as he's able to hold his head up enough to keep from smothering himself, he'll be just fine.


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Anna - posted on 10/21/2009




My daughter wouldn't sleep on her back for more than a couple hours since I had her. When she was about two months old I started putting her to sleep on her stomach and have been ever since. She's been fine and will sleep through the night (as long as she doesn't get too hungry). She'll be four months old on the 29th so I think you'd be fine letting your son sleep on his stomach.

Alicia - posted on 10/21/2009




My son seemed happier on his tummy. Honestly, though, i was too much of a worrier to sleep if he was on his tummy, so I kept him on his back. A tight swaddle kept him happy but I will also say he wasn't much of a nighttime mover or roller so that helped.

Bec - posted on 10/20/2009




yep, all 3 of my boys!! And it was frustrating if we ever got them babysat, cause you would tell people but they just think its not right to sleep them on their tummy so they wouldnt do it...then i came home to screaming babies!

Carolee - posted on 10/19/2009




If my son was sleeping and we tried to lay him on his back, as soon as his back hit the mattress he would start SCREAMING! I finally gave in and started putting him to sleep on his tummy, and he started sleeping through the night that night! Now that he's 2, we will put him to bed on his back, we'll say good-night, and he'll roll over to his side and pull his blanket up. By the time he's asleep, he's on his tummy. I don't think putting your child to sleep on their tummy is as big of a deal as they say it is, especially if the child will not sleep on their back. Good luck!

Norita - posted on 10/19/2009




neither one of my kids would sleep on their backs when they were babies since I brought them home they have mainly laid of their tummies! My mom told me along time ago people mainly laid their babies on their tummies! My kids are 2 and 3 now and there great! I always made sure I didnt put them to bed with a heavy blanket!

Carrie - posted on 10/19/2009




I've always let my kids sleep on their bellies. My little one would start out on his back and end up on his belly. I think they sleep better it's almost as a comfort thing, laying on their backs make them feel like their falling in a sense, like no control kind. Honestly I think most of the babies who die from SIDS having nerve issues or breathing issues. I think it has to be within your comfort zone.

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My 4 year old would not sleep on his back as an infant. Let's be honest - were any of us put to sleep on our backs? I did wait until he was strong enough to lift his head up to put him to sleep that way. I think it was about 3 days into tummy sleeping that he was sleeping 6-7 hours at night.

Ashley - posted on 10/19/2009




Oh yeah. It took me two months of not sleeping to figure that one out. My son would only sleep on my or my husband's chest. One day, I had to go to the bathroom, and I put him in his bassinet on my way there. I put him on his tummy. When I came out, he was fast asleep. He slept for over an hour. I watched him the whole time, dumbfounded.

That night, I tried putting him to sleep on his tummy and he was out like a light. He slept in our room right next to me (in his bassinet) until he was four months old and could roll around. We were terrified we did something wrong!

But, our doctor said that while it is preferred to put babies on their back to sleep, if they don't want to, in the long run, they won't! I even tried a positioner and it did nothing.

Our son sleeps very well now all throughout the night.

At five months old he should be able to roll around and at least move his head from an object to breathe. For caution, I have the fan in my son's room going, along with the sir purifier for optimal air movement. He is now seven months old, so the chance of SIDS is greatly diminished.

If you are concerned, get a baby monitor. I have one that is very sensitive, it lights up red at the slightest noise and I can hear him breathing. You can get the kind with the video screen if you prefer.

If your baby can hold up his head and move it side to side while sleeping, he should be ok.

Good luck, and I hope you all get some rest! :)

Bethany - posted on 10/18/2009




Yes. My daughter slept so much better on her tummy! For about a week she was on her back due to the toxins in mattresses, but once we got her protective mattress cover we let her sleep on her tummy. Big, big difference!

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