sleeping through night?

Meagan - posted on 11/17/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I finally got Cayden to sleep in his crib.. that wasnt so hard afterall... now I just want him to sleep through the night.. hes sleeping until about 330 then sleeps til 730 after he eats... any tips on how to get him to sleep straight through instead of waking up in the middle of the night?


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Brittany - posted on 11/17/2009




i use to give my little ones a nice warm bath and then rub them with lotion or olive oil after i dried them off. then id feed them ( i breastfed) and then i gave them like a tablespoon full of rice cereal or applesauce. they slept throughout the whole night that way

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if you are breastfeeding try cluster feeding closer to bed time. I nurse my son every

3-4 hours but closer to bed time I try to offer more often... if I do that he usually sleeps all the way thru.

Melissa - posted on 11/17/2009




As hard as it may seem, ignore his crying or start offering smaller bottles until you ween him off of the middle of the night feeding. I know it sounds mean and cruel but it really does work, as long as you can deal with a couple of nights with very little sleep. I had to do it with both of my children.

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