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I have a 4 year old boy and a 1 year old girl, who are both pretty busy and LOVE to snack! I'm sure many mom's out there struggle everyday to feed their kids the healthiest snacks throughout the day. I am slowly running out of ideas, and am struggling with picky eaters. I was wondering what other mom's feed their kids (around these ages) for snacks and meals?? Maybe we could exchange recipes or meal ideas...I usually do the basic fruit, veggie, crackers, cheese and yogurts, but need some new, interesting combinations to keep the kids interested, yet still healthy...also, my daughter seems to get an upset stomach and really gassy whenever she drinks cow's milk, any suggestions on a milk replacement??


Arlene - posted on 06/21/2011




Thank you for the ideas, the kids will be happy trying something new and different! As for my daughters milk issues, we have tried everything from lactose free, organic milk, 2 %, rice milk, soy milk and between getting bloated, gassy and sick, she just didn't like the taste of some of them. I did find a solution though, she is now on 3.25% goat's milk with added folic acid and she is handling it great! She is able to have any type cheese and yogurt thankfully, but to drink any type cow's milk makes her so sick...I am hoping it's something she grows out of, but for now the goat's milk is a perfect replacement and easy to find in the grocery store too. I found out the kids love scrambled eggs and cheese, Kaitlyn loves avocado, tomato and and wraps. Lukas is still picky, now hates macaroni, pizza, and his new favorite is ham and cheese sandwiches, I am currently trying to persuade him to let me add some lettuce! Thanks again for all the help!!

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We like smoothies. The great thing about them is that you can put different fruits, vegetables, and juices in them and have a different snack everyday. You can also freeze them in those Popsicle molds for a different texture.

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Silk is a wonderful soy milk beverage made for just that problem. As for new and interesting snack ideas, my mom and I always make pita pizzas. Kids love them and there's no real crap in them. It's just a pita with pizza sauce and cheese and whatever other toppings you care to throw on there. They take up to ten minutes to make and I still make them for myself if I'm short on time. As for your boy, home made tacos will keep him incredibly entertained for a meal idea, even if they're a little bit messy. (The recipe for taco seasoning is surprisingly easy if you're not comfortable with the pre-packaged sauces; chili powder and cumin). Kids will always love honey nut cheerios, and celery and carrot sticks with dip (generally speaking). Tuna salad sandwiches are also a wonderful snack/lunch idea, as well as noodle salads. I've heard that celery with cheez whiz or peanut butter also goes over very well, though cheez whiz is full of crap and I've never tried the peanut butter personally. I might suggest coupling that cheese and crackers with a spritz of pizza sauce as well, or perhaps a pickle. Arrowroot cookies with cream cheese also goes over very well.

I hope this helped you at least a little bit :)


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I hear ya on the picky soon as my son started solids the picky eateing began...he does not lick the texture of fruit or meat and most veggies...hates anything I try to give him for I have had to get very creative! He love Cream cheese and avocado tortilla wraps! I also fopund a yummy reci[pe for homemade granola bars without using sugar: 3 bananas, 3tbls honey, 1 egg-combined Then conbine 2 cups of Muesli, 1.5 cups of oats, and anything else (I sometimes will add chocolate chipps for myself)combine- bake 350 for 20-25 minutes! I caot with a little juice before baking becasue it tends to be a little dry!

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You can try lactose free milk found on the shelves of most stores. I used to give my daughter who also had the same problem when she was around 2 years. She is now five and i give her skimmed cow milk and she copes.

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If you are going to switch to Soy Milk for your daughter, check the label for the amount of calcium...natural soy milk doesn't contain much Digestible calcium so some manufacturers add some to their products...I would check to make sure you are getting the ones with the extra added.
Also, does she just get the reaction from milk or from yoghurt and cheeses too? If she doesn't react to the yoghurt and cheese, make sure she has a serve of each per day to get the calcium in. (obviously she is currently in a time of her life where she will be growing rapidly and the calcium is a definite - maybe talk to your Dr or a nutritionist?)
The other thing is that as she is still quite young, her body may still be adjusting to the milk...try smaller quantities at a time and see how that goes?
Good luck with it :)

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Soya milk. Should be good. full of calicum and lactose free. I get upset stomach and cramps from regular milk also.

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