So sick of spending my life cleaning!!

Evelyn - posted on 01/20/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




I feel like all I do is clean,if its not my kids it's the puppy,or the hubby. No matter what I do it seems like nothing stays clean. My kids won't pick up their toys ,shoes.They are always into something.
My husband can be sitting there in the same room as they destroy it and does nothing and wonders why I complain. This past weekend I had to clean their room from top to bottom becuz they snuck eggs past him and broke them open in the room becuz they thought there was baby chicks in them,sure it was kinda funny but this kinda of stuff happens all the time. I love my kids and they our my whole world but sometimes i just want to scream!!!


Emma - posted on 06/01/2013




New here, how did I get here? I got here in a fit of self pity/anger and a feeling of being completely disenfranchised. , I typed into google '' I am sick of cleaning up all the time after a family of six '' And the results came up , first one being this particular thread!

Ok, so, all this is a given a) Husband works hard and provides for us b) I have the luxury of being at home c) Healthy kids etc etc

But, does that make me have NO rights whatsover to complain about my workload? Husbands do dont they? '' Im knackered, and stressed'' says Husband '' Oh darling I know I know'' says Me. Then its my turn, '' Im so angry and upset that I dont get a weekend off from cleaning and cooking, I just want to be able to have ONE day off just ONE '' response Husband '' ok, someones not in a good mood, I can see we are going to have a great day with you in that mood''

Ummm, does anyone see the problem here? Because I certainly do.

Somehow, somehwere, I am being punished for being a stay at home Mother and Housewife, but here is where it gets really problematic, lets say I do go and get a job, I will then not just have a full time job, but the workload at home aswell.

I would like just a little acknowledgment, that when husband have their 'weekend off' The wives don't.

Rant over.

So sorry but wtf?

Emma Flavell

[deleted account]

Two things. 1. Get rid of your dog if you're cleaning up after him/her that much. We tried having a dog once and NEVER again, lol!!!
2. Even if your kids are only a year or two old, there's no reason they can't be picking up after themselves a little bit. Before my daughter could walk I'd tell her to go clean up her books, and she'd crawl to her bedroom and put her books back in her nightstand. If the kids older than three and not cleaning up after themselves you need set some new ground rules. Kids are messy and not perfect I know, but they need to get the jiff of tidiness now! Yes your a stay mother and cleaning is a vast majority of what we do, but you spend too much time cleaning up after them now and what's gonna happen when their 14, 15? I knew a 16 year old who had never thrown away her own snotty Kleenex before because she thought it was gross!!! SERIOUSLY - no it wasn't me :D

The next time you see their jackets and shoes all over the entrance floor, instead of picking it up yourself get your kids and make them pick up. They do not leave that area of the house until they pick it up and put it away properly themselves. That's what my mom did with me & my brothers, and that's what I do with my kids - and I can promise you it works! You just have to be consistent.

Cassie - posted on 01/20/2010




I have realized that trying to get, let alone keep your home clean while you have children is like shoveling in a snow storm. If my kids do not pick up their belongings I will grab a garbage bag and set a timer. Anything left out were it shouldn't be when the timer goes off gets put in the garbage bag. Then, they must earn their stuff back by keeping their bedrooms clean.

Michelle - posted on 01/20/2010




YUP! to you and everyone else lol. My dog and fiance and the brother in law that moved in and the 20 month old.... It's like I have four kids, not one!!!! AH!
I make them clean up after themselves, and I have no problem getting rude about it. I'm not a maid. I'm a stay at home mom. That means the heavy housework so that they don't have to worry about it. That does NOT mean I follow them all with a rag and a trash bag. My son picks up his toys with me and when he spills or makes a mess he cleans it up me. I started that really young so he actually likes cleaning with me-- as soon as he sees me with Clorox wipes he runs up and wants one (I rinse them out). He likes to dust too so it's great lol. I also bought a Tempo the Tiger broom and we're going to get him a vacuum so that he can "clean" with me. I think it's important to teach your kids to clean up after themselves. My fiance and his brother are perfect examples-- their mom didn't even stay at home and she let them be the biggest slobs, and now I have to deal with it.

Catherine - posted on 01/20/2010




girl i feel the same way i feel like i dont have a life any more. I wish i could fined something for my self to do other then clean after everyones mess.

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Amanda - posted on 01/20/2010




Some advice Evelyn you ought to make the kids start picking their things up or do what I do take them away. Toys and shoes it would be a terrible thing when they go to leave or play outside and they can't find their shoes. Yes we are stay at home moms but we are not maids, make them understand that. Yes my three year old has done the same trick with the eggs, but even at three she had a rag and was down on the floor helping. If that does'nt help take a week vacation by yourself and see how well they function without you.

Christy - posted on 01/20/2010




LOL. I am laughing with you, not at you. And it is times just like that when I wish I could go back to work outside the home. My children are 3 and 1 and I am already training them to clean up after themselves (since I can't seem to train my husband.) I reserve an hour a day were the kids pick up all their toys, clothes, etc. and they can't play until it is done. I am actually surprised how well it is working out. And as far as my husband is concerned... if the kids make a mess when he is on kid duty than it is his duty to make sure it gets cleaned up.

Mary - posted on 01/20/2010




I feel that way too. The few times my husband watches the kids for me. That is all that gets done, play. How can a family of four have laundry of any army? No wonder we are wore out @ night. I could sleep @ 8pm when the kids go down. But that is prime time to get stuff done. I could not imagine having an job outside the house too. Sing it sister!

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