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My little guy (9 months) just woke after about 45 mins of napping... I figured he was finished napping so I picked him up out of his crib and carried him to mine and my husbands bed (single bedroom flat in Europe, 2 bedroom just too expensive at mo.). I placed him on daddy's duvet, as I do all the time, so we can have some cuddles before going for diaper change, food and play. Well he rolled onto his side, breathed in daddy's scent and passed out again!!! I left the door open so I can hear when he stirs (and I can see him). But still, it's just so typically Alex!

Since day one, he's been infatuated with daddy... I was a bit jelous at first but now it's fine, as long as baby and daddy have a good relationship from the get go! So he sleeps with one of daddy's tshirts, he snuggled right up with it, so cute! But then again, he falls asleep in my arms in the evenings and I get to hold him till I need to put him in his bed lol!

Anyone else have cute baby sleeping stories? Would love to hear them!


Alina - posted on 05/20/2010




I love this story! It's so sweet and funny, too. It's amazing, isn't it, how children just know what/who they need at the time? My husband has this body heat, I swear he's the hottest person (looks and temp LOL) on the planet, but it puts kids right to sleep! I'll never forget how, when we were dating, we were at my sister's house and she couldn't get my nephew to sleep, and neither could I. I mean, he just wouldn't stop fussing! My now-husband picked him up, put him in those muscular arms and started dancing around the living room with him (something my sis had just done!). He fell right to sleep! Our kids still have those moments, and I can do everything and they will fuss. Even if they just woke up from a nap, if they climb on Daddy and lay on him too long, they'll be sleep again in five minutes! My family says that is one of my husband's jobs - putting kids to sleep. Come to think of it, it works on me, too! :)

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