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Angel - posted on 08/31/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




My son is 11months old and I have been a stay at home mom with him since he was born. I worry that he is not getting exposed to other people or learning how to interact with other babies or even adults beside me and my husband. Our family doesn't live close and we haven't lived in our current area for very long? Do I really need to worry about this at the stage in his life? I am planning to put him in preschool but that is not until he is 3 or 4...Just looking for some reassurance..........


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Jane - posted on 08/31/2009




my daughter didn't start hanging out w/other kids until she was 18 months. it's not very often anyway, about once a week we do a play group. it's so hard to get it together to get to one. they don't really play together at this age anyway, they do "parallel" play. they're like bumper cars, they roam around the room and bump into one another while they're doing their own thing. libraries are good, some of them have story time or Barenes and Noble has story time. you and your husband are just fine for him, i'm sure he's happy. look for a SAHM group on the internet in your area. i think most playdates are for us anyway, we need the break from PBS Sprout.. ;)

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Hi Angel,
My husband and I just moved from a small town where we knew no one to a bustling university community full of kids. My daughter never saw any other kids for the first year of her life and you wouldn't know it at all know - she's the most social and friendly little toddler. Don't worry about it at all, your child will interact beautifully with others if you model the behavior with him now. When the time comes - he'll surprise you!

Kelly - posted on 08/31/2009




I had the same concern about my daughter when we switched states and she was 1. I found a local chapter of parents as teachers. They have playgroups and book readings. It was great for my daughter .

Alicia - posted on 08/31/2009




Being afraid or crying with strangers is pretty normal. My son is just getting better at that now at 16 months. At about 10-11 mo it was terrible. I just never knew which person would come over and set him off! He'd just start wailing.
I have been getting a lot of annoying comments lately about how it is "good for him AND me" if he was in daycare and I went to work...blah blah blah!!! My mom was a SAHM, all my friends moms were SAHMs, think of all the people who you know who were raised by SAHMs, and also think about the fact that "back in the day" there wasn't much for playgroups or organized activities, etc. And we are all fine, well adjusted, thriving adults! There is plenty of time for structured activity and school and all that good stuff when they are older. As long as you are not silently sitting at home, alone, day in and day out, he'll be fine. Walks, outings, little trips to the store or library to play or park or where ever are all great. And who else does he need but his mommy!!!!!! :)

Angel - posted on 08/31/2009




Thanks I needed to hear that.....I have done reading on the subject and read that at this age they are more interested in mom and dad or who ever their caregiver is than other playmates.....I will be more determined in another year to put him into a playgroup or something like that.....He does go out with me during the day to do some light shopping and we are always taking walks....He gets upset and starts to cry when people come over to him to say hi or talk with me....He just seems to get afraid and upset when other people get too close....

Sondra - posted on 08/31/2009




I have the same worry about social interaction and my son is 2. I take him to story time at the library and swimming class. He really doesnt't want to interact with other kids, they come up to him and he tries to get away. For him, I don't think he's ready. So I don't push it. I also don't have any family close and haven't been able to find a mommy and me class close. I struggle with it all the time. I thought about day care part time but can't afford it. (duh, that was the reason I stayed home in the first place) I think the opportunities will arise just keep an eye out for them. Thank you for your post because I am in the same boat.

Deidre - posted on 08/31/2009




Always remember We,AS MOTHERS are our baby's first TEACHER! He will shadow you and copy you... I've been having a blast knowing that I have the power to mold them into LITTLE MINI ME'S! It's too much fun to worry yourself at this point. You r the BEST thing for him at any stage,ok?

Cindy - posted on 08/31/2009




Angel, Don't worry! Your son has plenty of time to socialize. Most children don't interact with other children until they are close to 3 years old. Do you and your family go to church? That is a perfect first place to interact with others in a safe and loving environment.

Susan - posted on 08/31/2009




I think as long as you and your husband are interacting with him, it should be fine. I would look into maybe taking him places during the day if you are concerned - the park, your local library for story hour, even the grocery store or mall. That way he is being stimulated. Check online too and local listings and you might be able to find a mommy group for playdates and adult conversation!

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