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Hey everyone, I'm new here! With nearly 6k comments I'm sure this subject has been brought up. I have an 8mo daughter that goes EVERYWHERE with me. Because of that she isn't timid at all towards adults but we don't really get around other babies a lot and I'm worried about that having an impact on her. There is a playgroup that meets once a week at a nearby park (mostly toddlers) but beyond that and paying for something like gymboree, can you help me brainstorm a bit more on getting her interacting with other babies? It seems obvious in ways but I'm hoping someone can help me think of something more. I also live in Houston,Tx so if anyone is in my area, lemme know ;o)

Thanks so much!


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Tara - posted on 02/08/2010




I too had the same issues with muy daughter. She is very social and I love it! We try to have playdates with other families and friends in the are once in awhile. Also, we utilize public play area's like in shopping malls! It's free and it gives the kids lots of freedom to roam around in an environmnet that is suitable for them. Library play groups are fun too and most that I have found are free. Good luck !!

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@ Kelly - if you think it's more for me than her, then at what age should I be concerned about her interacting with other kiddos? Like I said before, we're always out and about and she loves interacting with people (99% adults). We aren't around kids too much. Maybe I'm just worrying a bit too early but I've seen some kids really struggle when they don't get to interact with other kids. Of course those kids are around 3, so maybe I'm jumping the gun here.

Kelly - posted on 02/08/2010




I think that at 8 months a playgroup with babies is more for you than for her. If she likes other people, toddlers-adults, that's great. Even with other babies she won't interact with them. She'll parallel play or just ignore them. Don't worry about her socializing. She'll get there. I went to Gymboree classes with my older son from 6-18 months and it was mainly to get me out of the house and to talk with other moms. My son was a busy boy and didn't even pay attention to the other kids.

Heather - posted on 02/08/2010




hi stacy - we go to baby swim class (mon.) and music (fri) every week. i don't know what's in your area, but check out swimamerica (ours has a heated indoor pool - perfect for this time of year) and there are lots of other places that offer baby swim classes and various music programs. i don't know if gymboree is like little gym, but you could look at that or tumbleamerica. i think you have to be a few months older for tumbleamerica. also, our local libraries have a free lap sit for babies with books, songs, hand motions, etc. for playgroups, try moms club. our our church has a mops group that we have yet to join. wish you lived closer! :) i love texas.

Sheree - posted on 02/08/2010




Hi Stacy,

Im not sure where you are from, but with my daughter who is almost 8 months, we have been doing swimming lessons since october, born to read at our local library, its just a group of parents with bubs, sitting and reading together and singing songs, also a mother group may be run by your local community centre, personally i think they are a bit of a waste of time, but i also have a friend who does music lessons with her LO. Just a few ideas. Good Luck

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