socializing my 2 year old son..

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I'm a Sauk of 3. Step son is 10, step daughter is 14 and my son is two.

my son doesn't get a chance to be around a lot of kids consistantly except my 4 year old nephew. when they are together it is great for the first half hour then its nothing but screaming from them both after that. I try to teach my son to share and be nice, but he's having a hard time. he also plays rough because of his two older siblings. we are going to a play group tomorrow so I can get him around more kids and if it goes well it will be a weekly thing for us. but I am terrified right now!! What if beats up the other kids and doesn't share and we get asked nor to come back! Anyone else with a similar situation?


Sarah - posted on 08/23/2012




I don't know where abouts you are from, but here they have free groups we can go too. We signed up for a library class that is every week, and the kids get together and have to learn how to deal with problems on their own, but through play, reading and fun. After my first session which is 10 weeks long, my son now will make sure every other kid there has a toy before he will sit and play. I hope they have something in your area. Also, there is a site, Sign up and see if there are any mommy groups in your area ( worldwide). We are also part of this and it gives a chance to go house to house, or park to park, or just whatever ( mom's get out of the house for a coffee, while the kids play.

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