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Sherry - posted on 02/19/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




my son just turned 3 months 1wk old like now.... but already he's fussing even after 15 oz of formula/breastmilk mix like he's starving to death... Is it a good idea now to start him on a rice cereal? My hubbie gave him about a Tablespoon of cereal today and while he doesn't like or dislike it he did eat it all and settled down a good bit. Mostly this bout is after a full night sleep (yes-- he's been sleeping about 10-12 hours nightly since 6 weeks)

the pediatrician did say about a month ago that we should start him on solids shortly and gradually (he didn't much like the cereal then though) now about 3-4 weeks later that's the only way we can get him to slow down a little bit on the milk intake. I mean think about it... 15 oz every couple hours?? I don't even drink that much water in 3 hours...

any thoughts? I know it's recommended to wait til 4-6 months.. that's not what I'm asking and I refuse to starve my child until that time... I need to know what "gradulally" generally means... can anyone explain please (over a time frame of what?)


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Aileen - posted on 02/25/2010




Dont put him on sloids till atleast 5-6mths old.He is not going to starve.His stomach is not ready for solid food and his tongue is still rolling so it will only push the food out.

Sherry - posted on 02/19/2010




Hi Angela,

I've heard of this before. Actually our pediatrician suggested at his 2.5 month dr appointment to slowly start him on solids but not to replace the breastmilk/formula mix. Our problem is this turkey is going through so much formula its not funny anymore. I know one of the signs to look for is that he's eating more then 40 oz a day.. to be honest he's been eating at least 32-36 since that last dr.appointment.

he went from 5lbs 15 oz at birth to now being at least 15lbs (he was 12.5 at his last dr's appointment 3 weeks ago). and like I said, the doc gave us leave to start him on solids but cautioned "slowly" what pray tell is SLOWLY? that's my problem. My hubbie mixed his rice cereal 1tsp cereal to 2tsps formula this morning and the little rascle chowed down without loosing a drop I'm told and he STILL guzzled down about 30 oz of formula today.. My next bet is to call healthlink and ask them what I'm supposed to do but this is nuts.. mornings are the worst evenings he's generally going down after the 2nd 5oz bottle though and sleeping soundly through the night-- even with his current cold.

As for your question about spitting up.. well I've been watching that actually.. he spits up less then a tablespoon after each feeding if he spits up at all (he doesn't with me but he DOES with everyone else it seems).... Generally if he doesn't calm down after 10 minutes of cuddling and going through the list of possible what wrongs... I try the bottle because I don't want him using it as a soothing tactic later in life, there's horror stories I've heard about that and obissity. does this help clerify? or make my question that much more complex?

Angela - posted on 02/19/2010




Im not a doctor,but I am an infant specialist. Mainly for working in infant centers. At three months your baby should still only be eating 4 - 6 oz every 2-3 hours. Based on his weight too. waiting to start solids till 6 months is best, only because the stomach and digestive system is more well developed. before that there are still "holes" so to say in the stomach lining. They say when you introduce solids too early, that is what creates food alergies. But, ALL babies are different. My first son started cereal at 4 months eating it only in the evening. To fill up the tank so speak. My second son, now 6 months, started at 5 1/2 months and went right to three meals a day! I would suggest making sure that your little one isnt eating for comfort. Does he spit up alot? If so, that might be a clue. You may have to find other soothing tactics instead of a bottle. If you can hold him out for a couple of months from the solids, I would do that. It is better to wait. But like I said Im not a doctor. Im just going by my infant training. I hope I helped a little.

Kayla - posted on 02/19/2010




its ok to give him rice Cereal in his bottle too. I used to work in a day care with 6 weeks to 5 months babies. We just put the cereal in the bottles. It helped a lot they weren't hungry any more. plus the milk with it helps them swallow the cereal down.and filled them up cuz it was thick. I understand what you mean. my baby sleeps that long too and it does help her. i hopes this helps.

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