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My little boy is 4 mo and 1 week. I started offering rice cereal a few days ago and he just doesn't seem interested at all. He took a little off my finger but wants nothing to do with a spoon. Anyone else have infants who weren't that interested in solid foods at first?


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Kristin - posted on 03/29/2010




yep, totally normal. you can try waiting a few weeks and offering again. you can try offering just a tiny bit at the same time every day. don't bother with more than once a day, it will not speed things up. just keep trying with the spoon until he gets it, it's a pretty foreign method of consuming anything for him. you can also have him join you at the table when you are eating and if he's showing interest in what you've got, then try the cereal again. One of mine was in my lap and took a grab at my spoon of soup. never been so glad that eating with a kid is a slow process.

it really is not a big deal if he doesn't start this just now. he's getting everything he needs from breastmilk or formula anyway. hope this helps.

Amy - posted on 03/29/2010




when i first starting giving my little girl solids, she wasnt taking anything off a spoon, i also started with baby rice but after a while she did get use to it....i think its because its a new texture and a different way of feeding......and they have only been use to liquids.

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