some tips on how to potty train?


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Dana - posted on 03/26/2010




really matters if boy or grl. My son we tried many things like putting cheerios in the toilet and aiming for them. But my husnband desided that since we lived in the woods at the time that they would "break in some trees" my son loved that idea. With my Daughter believe we tried the musicial potty, She was ready and would go but only when she wanted to go. She loved that video with the bear in the big house-i think that is what it is called- the stickers for each time she did it but what got her to go potty every single time and no more accidents was when big bubba told her that is she wanted to be big just like me then you have to go potty in the potty, you don't see bubba peepee in his pants do you? And something so simple got her trained!!!! So try many ideas to find the one to work no matter how simple they sound

Leigh - posted on 03/17/2010




Its different for all children. But you don't want to push them to potty train because this is a crutial stage for developing psychological issues when their older. My daughters 2 and is having a difficult going to number 1 in her potty. She can't remember to go or pull down her panties but can number 2. I guess shes just going to be a difficult child. When shes without pants no problem she will jut go get a pull up and go in it and then take it off agian. On the other side my 5 year old potty trained at 18 months herself. So it depends on every child.

Tiffany - posted on 03/17/2010




1st and foremost you need a potty chair (I like the two in ones). Next you need to decide when is the right time to introduce thepotty chair. If your child knows and recognises wee wee or poop poop. # 1 is always easier to determine in most children they usually have a small shiver after. #2 they go and hide or squat which they do alot so sometimes its hard to catch. Always reward your child with a fav. treat,extra play time with fav toys. Be creative and make it fun. There are lots of different gimicks out there for potty training but I say its up to your child. With a lil' encouragement and consistancy it will happen when they are ready. Good Luck... hope I helped a little. have a Blessed day!

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