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We are potty training our 22 month old son. He's doing very well with going pee; he takes himself to the potty chair, doesn't need us to remind him to go anymore, and has no accidents. But it's another story with poop when he goes he freaks out. It makes no difference if he makes it to the potty or not he starts to cry, tries to run away when he starts to go, repeats the word "yucky" over and over while he's getting cleaned up, and is just really upset over going poop. He doesn't flip out when he goes in a diaper just when he isn't wearing one. We've never said his poop was yucky, we've always reacted positive to his accident we just clean them and say something like "accidents happen next time try to make it to the potty". Has anyone else had this happen when potty training? How can I help my son not be so freaked out?


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My daughter had a similar reaction. I've read that sometimes it's just a scary sensation that they don't understand and they find it scary to be "losing" a part of them.

One step at a time...I don't want to push something that scares her. I just figure she's not ready...I've heard continuing with the fear can make it worse b/c out of fear they can try to hold it in and become constipated (which can make it worse, b/c they not only have the fear, but now pain to deal with). We just decided to take a step back (she just turned 2) and let her go in her diaper for right now. If she tells me she went poop, then we go to the toilet and put it in so she can flush and then wash her hands.

Just my thoughts...we're going to try again in a few months...

Good Luck!



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