Son keeps raiding the kitchen???

Tiana - posted on 08/06/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Jayden has now gone three days in a row where he will purposely wake up earlier than me to go into the kitchen and take juice boxes out of the fridge, or food or sweets out of the cupboard (all out of his reach but he finds ways) and theres really no way I can take the stuff out of the fridge. Ive been grounding him all day long since yesterday (the second day) but im at my wits end here! This has been a problem for over a year! I know that he knows hes not supposed to, cause there have been days where I wake up right when hes trying to and he will run out of the kitchen at top speed! So I need to know how to get him to stop! And I wake up at 6 in the morning. Usually he'll wake up around 2-3 or 4 in the morning when he needs to go the restroom, and take whatever he wants from the kitchen. Ive even tried putting up baby gates in the kitchen hallway, he just takes them down! Im not looking for a way to stop him so much as looking for a way to teach him its not ok? Weve had talks about it, Ive taken him to the fridge and spanked him, ive grounded him all day had him helping me all day and would take him back to the fridge to remind him of why he was in trouble, I dont know what to do! Hes sitting on his bed right now:(


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Do you have the cabinet locks on your cabinets? If you have a pantry, can you get some kind of "lock" for those doors? Normally if you can't find them at your local grocery store, Home Depot has some neat locks. We have used a gun lock on the fridge in the past...

For those of you who do not agree with my suggestions (and I know that there will be at least one), teaching your small children that eating on a schedule is the best thing to do as it is vital for them to stay on a schedule daily. If you allow your child to eat and snack all day long, that is up to you. I do not believe it is healthy to grab what you want and when you want it.

Another suggestion is what if you offer up to 6 small meals a day to your child? The added "meals" are more like snacks and packed full of nutrients - cheese cubes and fruit with nuts, fresh veggies, half a pb sandwich and yogurt... If you offer more than the traditional meal times and one small snack, this may help him in the long run. Fruit/veggies, a protien, and something in the carb category will help him out. Children need like 13 carbs per every 3-4 hours to ensure that their bodies have enough to replace the energy level they naturally have. (I think it is 13...)

Hope these suggestions help you!

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AAnother thing is have something, like a special box of toys that he can play with until you wake up.

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I would count how many items he pulled out goto his room and pull out the same number of toys, put them in a trash bag and tell him when he stops he can get his toys back. You may have to empty his room out for him to get the idea. But if he wants to play with the food then he doesn't need toys. :) good luck

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