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Nicole - posted on 11/04/2008 ( 4 moms have responded )




I will become a stay at home mom in April 2009, I know this post might sound selfish, but I dont know if this is something I really want to do. Im scared that I will not know what to do with my kids. My son who is 21/2 has always been in daycare and his father and I work full time. Iam scared that I will not adjust. Any kind words of wisdom would help.


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Michelle - posted on 11/04/2008




It will definitely take some adjusting on everyone's part. Just be patient with yourself and you will get the hang of it. Your son will love having you home and I bet you will love it too!

Richelle - posted on 11/04/2008




You will more than likely adjust pretty quickly. It may be difficult at first to get a new routine down but once you do it won't be that bad. My husband works 12 hr shifts for most of the week, so I am alone with my 16 month old a lot, and I have found that a constant routine that you follow daily helps tremendously. Your child will learn what to expect and things will run more smoothly. It can be stressful being a SAHM but it is so worth it. It may also help to have your husband on the weekends or whenever he has a day off to kind of take your son to the park or even to walmart just somewhere to give you a little bit of a break. Play groups are a good way to get your child out and with other kids near his age. If you are a member of parents as teachers, they have monthly meetings that will be fun for him and get you out of the house. Hope this helps

Amy - posted on 11/04/2008




you will figure it out very quickly. you really develop skills you didnt know you had when you're a stay at home mom. you become more creative than you thought you were and more patient than you thought you could be. you'll do great! every single mom out there thinks they're not doing a good job some days. overall your child needs mostly just your love and your presence. you're doing the best possible thing for your kids by staying at home with them. good job, mama!! much love!

Shelley - posted on 11/04/2008




It's certainly not an easy job, being a stay at home mom. The Internet is your friend - you can print off coloring pages of his favorite characters, worksheets for his age, recipes for play dough ect and ideas for activities. Keep the routine your son has in daycare now (snack time, lunch etc). It will take some time, but you will be fine. Find playgroups and take advantage of them, because you and he will need some place to socialize.

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