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Joshua - posted on 01/29/2018 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is 33 months old. No conversational speech or social skills. He has retained a large amount information and words. He knows the alphabet upper and lowercase, can count to 20 and backwards from 10, knows his colors and shapes, and can identify and name all the planets; all this and he can't ask for a banana. His social development may have been stunted by that fact that he has had very little interactions with other children. We can't afford daycare and unfortunately I'm discriminated in local mom groups for being male, so that has made me afraid to approach those situations anymore. I have no parenting support structure. I don't know what to do.

All I've been working on for the last 8 months has been, "say the word and please". Banana Please. Popsicle Please. Milk Please. He'll walk me over to what he wants, but never ask for it. No sign language, that never worked. If I don't give him what he wants because I'm trying to get him to ask for it, it will be a 30 minute temper tantrum and no progress.

My wife refuses to admit there's anything wrong, but I spend 100% of my time with him and she's away at work or asleep due to her work schedule and only really parenting 20% of the time, so she's not seeing as much as I do.

I hope someone can just talk to me about this. I've felt so alone and I just feel like I'm failing at being a parent.


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Tiffanycox223 - posted on 07/08/2019




Joshua, I know this post is old, but it really stood out to me. My son seems to be somewhat similar. How are you and your son now? Can you please give me an update? I'm crying and depressed everyday because I'm scared the dr's might diagnose him with something that I don't think he has. In my heart, I think he's a normal boy. But he has trouble making sentences and telling me what he wants. Please let me know!

Leann - posted on 02/03/2018




My heart aches for you, no support from your SO can be difficult. When my daughter had speech issues we sought out help from the speech pathologist from our district school. She was 30 months when we began speech therapy and she continued throughout grade school.
Search out for the local pre-school screening and have him evaluated. Or, and seek assistance from your healthcare provider for evaluation.
There are so many children with developmental and learning delays, we are all available.

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Your son seems bright and if we lived close, my kid needs some practice socializing too.. Is there early intervention program where you are? It may be a little late but maybe they can also guide you to who else you can see for development issues. Do you host friends over at your house? Do outdoor activities with him? Even bringing him to libraries or museums, there are toddler areas sometimes to let them run around and interact with others.. My nephew was super quiet as a child but I knew he knew things...and one day, he just opened his mouth and sentences came out.. It's hard to say cause all kids develop differently but you know your child best..

You are definitely not failing at being a parent!! You're with him all the time, you care for him, and you are concerned for him.. Absolutely everything a parent should be doing! Don't be so hard on yourself..

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