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Mirta - posted on 12/15/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My one month old currently drinks 3 oz at each feeding. My baby recently started crying after I removed the bottle when he was done. Should I increase the amount of formula he drinks at each feeding? Drinking 3 oz only, he spits up most of the time. What should I do?


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Jennifer - posted on 12/15/2009




you actually may be feeding him too much believe it or not. I had a similar problem with one of my children. He actually stopped breathing and he was immediatly taken to the ER. After many tests the ruled that he was suffering from acid reflux. He was put on an apnea monitor during the night to make sure he didn't stop breathing again and medication to help with the acid reflux. I would have him sleep in the car seat so he would not have the problem of spitting up. Also, I was told to give him less amounts of formula each feeding but to feed him more often. This was more gentle for his stomach. He eventually grew out of it and is now just fine.

I would definitly talk with the babies physician for advice - this is what they are trained for.

Good luck!

Jessica - posted on 12/15/2009




sounds like he could have reflux if he's spitting up and still hungry, try feeding him sitting up a bit and dont lay him down straight away, you can also try a food thinckner in his bottle to thicken the milk more that way is will stay down and not come back up when you sit him up and burp him. My son had this problem and the food thickner saved my life, feeding time was a nightmare before it!!. Also If he is still hungry after 3 oz then i would feed him more, at that age they feed on demand so i would feed him a bit more, obviously monitor how much you give him i would go overboard though.

Jamie - posted on 12/15/2009




Is your baby still acting hungry or just crying? When a baby spits up it usually seems a lot more than it really is. Maybe your baby just needs a really good burping after a feeding or a change in formlua. Gas is one of the main causes of spit up. Are you laying baby flat when or after a feeding? Sometimes a little bit of acid climbs up and upsets them as well. Try feeding baby as upright as possible and try to keep them that way for about 20minutes after a feed.

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burp him real good, then he might take more prob another ounce or so.. but 3 oz is a good time to get the gas out.. good luck!

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