Spoiled kids?

Sarah - posted on 06/13/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




ok, having a debate with my fiance (which usually ends in we both get mad and give up)

My fiance says i spoil my kids too much. We went to the store and i bought my 2 yr old juice boxes, fruit snacks and pediasure. I like to stay well stocked in those items so i buy them often. It bothers him. My son also has an elmo bed set with a table/chairs and a toy chest. He has a play kitchenette and 2 large plastic totes full of toys. Im telling you this because my fiance swears up and down that my son is gonna be a spoiled brat. I enjoy getting my son these things. They benefit me as well because if he's busy playing toys for an hour here and there i can relax a little.

Now before you thikn that my fiance is a "hard ass" please take into consideration that him and i were raised very differantly. I was raised this way, where i buy my kids a lot of things. Even tho we dont have a lot of money i buy most of these at thrift stores. His dad didnt do this at all. When Jesse's sister was 3 or 4 she said she was bored and their dad took all her toys away. Jesse only had a small box with maybe a dozen toys and his dad would take them away for punishment for a week at a time.

Now i do punish my son but i usually put him in the corner or if i have to i'll spank him on the butt.

But i dont think that my kids are gonna be brats. What do u think


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I don't think this will spoil him as long as you are teaching him to appreciate what he has. The thought that you are spoiling him with food is a little ridiculous, unless you were giving him cake for every meal.

Now for the toys, why don't you put one of the totes in storage for a week or two. Let him play with what is in one tote. Then switch. Put the tote he's been playing with in storage and give him back the other one. It'll be like he's got brand new toys! Then you won't be constantly adding toys to his already large collection, and there will still be an element of newness there.

Personally, I don't buy my girl anything (other than clothes when she needs them) expect for her birthday and Christmas. Even on her birthday, she'll get something she needs (this year it was a potty chair, underwear, and Elmo Pottytime DVD) and at Christmas I keep it under $100. Occasionally I will buy her something at a garage sale if I think she'll play with it often. She has two small baskets of toys, a basket of books, a doll house, and a kitchen and that is PLENTY to keep her happy and her little imagination going!


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i speak for myself.i do not buy my kids(2 boys,7 and 5) toys.i give them 5 dollars a week.teach them to save and spend wisely.believe it or not.they manage money better than my sisters.lol when they were 2 they got garage sale stuff.but as time goes on.i see parents give in to the spending and giving kids all thier wants with out earning it.then herecomes the consequences.it's evey where.my familt,nieghbors,friends of friends.it's not the kids fault.that's how they were raised.my boys also on tuesdays at our apt. complex throw out nieghbors trash for a dollar.wich i supervice.this is not to offend.it's share thoughts.

Sarah - posted on 06/13/2010




Thanks Ladies... Tasha, it seems like our significant others were brought up about the same, except with a very strict and old fashioned father. lol

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i dont think they are overly spoiled. I just think its the difference is raisings. i agree with the switching toys out and think I'm going to try that with my kids. I think your fiance just doesnt see a need since he grew up with little and sees it as he turned out just fine. (not saying theres anything wrong with him) My husband and I dont see eye to eye on alot of things like this. And he grew up with a very strict over baring mother which makes him see me as to giving.

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I don't think so, my son has an equal amount of stuff or more but he is the first to share. Its not the quantity of stuff they have that makes them spoiled its the parenting. As long as they still have discipline and are raised well they will not be spoiled.

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No, I don't think this will spoil your kids. If they are kicking and screaming for you to buy a toy and you do, that will spoil them. Getting them things that will expand their learning and keep them occupied, not so much!

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