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my bf, who is 31, is always watching sports the minute he comes home from work, football or basketball....never spends quality time with our toddler or me watching movies with us or taking us places. we are stuck here all week alone he works til 730pm everynight but sundays. so tonight its been all sports and again tmrw!! getting ticked. just want some attention from him. i guess ill cancel the sports package on our cable company. i cannot ever get him to sit and watch LMN or any reality shows, he has a fit about watching those.

when i do say something he says hes been watching sports since he was a kid, but the we the whole time weve been married the first two years never watched games but super bowl. now all the sudden hes always got it on, leaves me with nothing to do besides play on the computer and with our little girl.


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just venting, i know its not the end of the world. but i put my daughter and him first before things i want to do. hes always got the remote in his hands in the den or the bedroom. i cant even try and get romantic with him with the remotes clutched in his paws:) its also that, no matter what we are watching what he wants to watch. we were married two yrs divorced for one year now together for nine months now. i dont at all remember him being so selfish about this sort of thing, he use to always compromise. we dont do anything as a family, its like he doesnt want a family. needless to say he never wanted to get married or have more kids after his first divorce and three kids and when we fight about being a good dad to our baby he has brought up he didnt ever want to get married or have kids but i presured him into both. which we were married a year before i got pregnant we made those choices together. im just hurt and ranting but i dont know how to deal with this sort of neglect. i want to spend all my time with our daughter and him when hes here. he complains he doesnt get to do anything he wants to do, goes to work then has to come here. well i thought when you were a family you did stuff together?? all of my family lve in another state and his all live here, so he wants to do things with them without us. it sucks. anyone else dealt with this?

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