Starting out as a SAHM in December 2011 and a little afraid!

Kealy - posted on 11/01/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi there all, I'm a 27 year old and having my first baby in December is coming up! My husband and I feel as though we want to raise the child from home so I am going to be a SAHM for the next few years which is great. I am happy about this decision, but at the same time I am afraid as well. I have worked in admind and sales in the past but had returned to school when I found out I was pregnant. So I have recently stoped my studies and am actually at home already and obviously no one would hire me at his point so I am not doing very much :(.
I know women who become SAHMs but have had solid careers before they got pregnant, I guess that this is why I feel afraid. I did not have a carreer and am worried about it. If I ever want to start a buisness from home ( which I really would like to do) or go back to work in a few years how difficult will this be for me? Also I have no idea how to be a SAHM...ladies I need your help!!
Any words of wisdom for me?



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Christina - posted on 11/06/2011




i have a career that for the moment is still fairly easy to go back into (personal support worker). yup i wipe butts for a living but i loved my job. i loved helping people.
and i do plan to go back when my daughter is older (she is only 4 months right now) i might have to do some up gradeing when i decicde to go back, but thats life. that if i go back. we want a second child so if i get pregnant before i go back, i guess i wont be for a long time.

don't worry about it know, once your baby is here, you WON"T want to go back for awhile. i though i would be back by the time she is 6 months, now i dont want to for a few years! lol.
and to help past the time now, take up a hobby. i started knitting. and when i had time i got some cool blankets out of it. and i made some cute baby boots and mitts.

Michelle - posted on 11/05/2011




Once you have your baby you probably won't have the time to worry about work as you'll be too busy loving and nurturing your child, and being a good mum. I've not worked in 9 years (that's how old my eldest is) but plan on going back to work once my baby (age 1) is in full time school, albeit part-time. I used to be a secretary but I know I'm not going to be able to do that again as I have arthritis that prevents me from typing for long periods of time so I have no idea what I'm going to do. However, I'm just looking at different options and thinking about retraining - I'm 42 but if I have to go back to college to learn something new then so be it. Seriously, don't worry about. Just enjoy being a mum and enjoy your baby when he/she is born. I hope it all goes well for you.

Karen - posted on 11/05/2011




SAHM is on-the-job training... and I mean that in a good way. Every family/child is different and you will learn as you go what things work best and what won't. The best advice I have ever given people (though I still run my mouth from my 7 years of experience) is that your family is your own. How you raise your children is between you and your Heavenly Father. Exchanging advice is good, but you do what you feel is best. Never let anyone pressure you into what they do best, or what society thinks is best.

Going back to work is not easy, at least it hasn't been for me. But then, I wanted to be a career SAHM, so I haven't given much thought or effort into any other career. Recently I have been taught about a wonderful way to make some extra income, while still staying at home and working when and where I wish. Sounds fanciful, but so far it's working... as long as I do. ;)

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I was in your exact situation when my daughter came. I always saw myself as wanting to work after having children. Then I got pregnant, and I had no interest in working at all. It has been almost 2 years for me, and honestly, I'm happier. Working was extremely stressful (I worked retail).

We are expecting our second here in Dec. So I haven't started back at school yet. When I do it will be online only. We happen to only have one car, so even if I wanted to do child care and go to school, I wouldn't have a car 90% of the time.

I wont lie it can be scary at times. One huge advantage, is that you can literally sleep when they do. There isn't any worry about getting to work. For the first 2 months with my daughter, I slept from 5 am to 1 pm (waking up twice to feed). My husband at the time worked that exact time. So I had help the rest of the time. It make the transition a lot easier (for all of us). I did the very basics when it came to cleaning for the first 4-5 months. A lot of it was figuring out what worked our for us.

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