Starting out with baby-led weaning; how is it really supposed to work?

Katie - posted on 04/16/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My second daughter is 6 months old, got her first 2 teeth, and is REALLY interested in the food we eat. She is also just about 100% breastfed up to this point. She is ALSO absolutely refusing to be spoon fed. I've really never seen anything like it. The first few times I tried cereal, and then pureed sweet potatoes, she seemed pretty enthusiastic for the variety. Then, after about the third or fourth feeding, she stopped cooperating altogether. Now she keeps trying to pry our food out of our hands, but she just isn't ready for solids of any sort, and will absolutely not open her mouth for the spoon. For that matter, she takes the spoon from me, and if she made even the tiniest move like she wanted to feed herself with it, it'd be great. But no, she just wants to wave it around and then throw it on the floor, and then fingerpaint with the puree. Once again, if she were putting any of it near her face, fine, but that's not what she's doing. Then after a few minutes she's mad because she's hungry, so I sit her down to nurse, but then she complains that she doesn't want to do that, either! She wants solids. So I tried steaming some carrots, till they were soft enough for her to gum to a mush...well that was just plain scary! She didn't mush it up enough before trying to swallow it, and I was SURE she was going to choke, and I know how to do the baby Heimlich, but I really don't want to have to take her to the E.R. for broken ribs because I let her choke on steamed carrots. So I guess my question is, for anyone doing baby-led weaning, how does this whole letting them have what we eat actually work? Am I supposed to be trusting that she won't really choke, as long as what I give her is soft enough to mash and for her to easily bite through even though she's only got the two new teeth?


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I totally hear you on the spoon thing, my daughter would actually scream the house down from seeing a spoon coming at here. We did baby lead weaning in a way( meaning she wouldnt eat anything we tried to feed her, had to do it herself). For them to have the gag reflex is totally normal as this is there bodies way to react to a different texture in her mouth. I used to steam potato, carrot, pumpkin until it was really soft then I would cut it into little cubes that were big enough for her to pick up but still small enough of an amount to have in her mouth. My daughter also used to love yogurts, custards and veggie mixs in the tubes that you just squezed into there mouth, no spoon. You can buy dried fruit that is made for babies and just disolves in there mouths. Still keep trying the spoon though as they do need to learn how to use it and it also helps develop there mouth for talking. Its mess sometimes but she will get there

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