Stay at home mom n I hate it now

Maribel - posted on 02/20/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




I love my kids but my oldest is a big brat he only shows love when he's given gifts and bein spoiled wht em I messing up on ???!! He throws tantrums ii start to yell to the point my cheeks get red I scare my kid whn I get upset maybe I need better parenting tips wht do I do my son is 4 he will 5 April n he will start school ....


Michelle - posted on 02/23/2013




You have to make sure you give him consequences and follow through!!!!

You give him a waring with a consequence of what will happen if he doesn't listen. If he keeps going then you follow through and ignore him. Don't back down as you will only teach him that if he has a big enough tantrum he will eventually get what he wants.

I have 3 children and my youngest is 3 (the others are 12 and 9) and she just needs the warning now.

Kacie - posted on 02/22/2013




I have two daughters, my oldest is 6 and my youngest is 4 and will be 5 in june. I think it is something about their age but my 4 year old seems like some days she will be the death of me. She knows what buttons ot push and when to push them. When attention is all on her she is great but if she is sharing attention with her sister it's like she starts showing her butt! I asked the pediatrician about what to do cause I was ready to go back to work just to get away from her and I know being a SAHM is the most important job I have ever or will ever have. He told me a lot of it is age and she will grow out of it. He said to try positive reinforcement ( redirect her when she is acting out), that didn't work all the time but sometimes it does. I eventually decided I won't let her push me to my boiling point. for instance this morning she was acting out as I was getting my 6 year old ready for school. i kept telling her to stop and she wouldn't listen so I finally told her she would not be going with me to take sissy to school if she didn't calm down. She chose to keep acting out so I left her with her dad while I took her sister. She cried big time but I stuck to my word and she has been a little better today cause she saw mommy wasn't giving in to her whinning. I remember my oldest went through this same phase at 4 and I was ready to pull my hair out then too. This shall pass!! Keep your head up and know that you are a good mom!!


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Shawnteria - posted on 02/21/2013




Do you punish him?? and i dont mean spank him i mean take away his toys or make him take a timeout. Try doing so and while you do that teach him that all his gifts are to be earned they're rewards and he cant just get them because he had a tantrum. It will be hard but its better to start now before he starts school and really act out because he expects to get what he wants.

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