Stay at home mom, not allowed to oversee or deal finances at home,bored,overweight, insecure and afraid over future prospects should something drastic happen to hubby.


Carol - posted on 09/01/2013




Do you have a question in there somewhere? What you describe sounds miserable. Your husband sounds like a control freak. I was married to one for 5 years. My life was horrible. If your husband refuses to share things with you, then demand a counselor. If that fails, leave. He won't get better. He'll try to tell you that it's either all your imagination or all your fault. If there's any truth to that, fix yourself. If not, fix your situation and leave. Good luck. There are wonderful men out there that actually like women as equals. The good news is that if you find that person you'll appreciate him in a way you never knew you could.

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