Stay at Home Mom's work an Avg. of 91hours per week!!!

Sarah - posted on 04/01/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Tuesday on Dr. Phil .. he shared ... that research showed that on average, Stay at Home Mom's work aprox. 91 hours per week ... If you add that up, we bring in ( with overtime ) aprox. $117,000 a year !!!

I thought that was awesome!

Now... This does not apply to 'lazy' Stay at home moms, only to the ones who "work" from sun up to sun down!

I know that I personally, Have my entire house cleaned, Dinner made, Kid off and home from school, little one gets lunch, and nap's , pets get care for, walked, Yard gets mowed, and cleaned, Laundry is Always done, and put away, Errands all ran ... any everything in between! Everyday of every week!( And I go to school Part Time) I signed up for it, and I love my "Job" ... When my job is done for the day, it leaves time for family fun, and time together, and I don't have to worry about " what needs done tonight" I take my Job seriously, and I enjoy being that type of rolemodel for my boys , I enjoy setting a standard of cleanness for my kids to uphold, and live by. And I enjoy my Husband comming home from his Job, and being able to enjhoy the rest of his night with us, and not comming home to another Job :) But Most of all .. the best part of being a stay at home mom for me .. is the time I have to Teach, Enjoy, and Love my Children :) I'll never get these days back!


Ang - posted on 04/01/2010




Hi Sarah,

I am with you on the workload. I have been a stay at home mom for ever. I do work part time the last six years as my boys are older. But when they were young I loved the time we spent together and feel because I took the time to have quality time with each (and all three at once) of them -they have turned out to be terrific kids. Plus they learned how to do chores by watching and participating. They helped bake cookies and clean up etc. Enjoy it all because they grow so fast!

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