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Hi moms! I am a stay at home mom of 3 little girls and expecting double trouble (twin girls) in April of next year. I work with the supreme court as a defense attorney but i do most of my work at home. They have asked me to step up and that would mean not being able to stay at home with my girls. My husband is a marine and is currently deployed. I am looking for advice. should i take the job, no pay change either, or stay home. Also looking for names, currently we have Courtney Averi and Aubrey and like Brooklyn and Amber for the twins. Thanks in Advance



Jana - posted on 11/09/2015




You need to weigh the costs, daycare is costly and great daycare is even more costly. If you earn enough that this is not an issue then you can rest easy!

Another point to consider, If you leave the home to work you will have much less time for yourself, because the second you are off work you will need to give your attention to your children, because they will miss you and each will need time with you. Staying at home and working, you still work but can give your kids little bits of your time throughout the day... so they won't be so desperate for your attention, because you are always "available".

Of course if you will lose your job by not going to work, then I think you have no alternative, if you need the money.

I think it boils down to your own personal disposition, some women gravitate to work outside the home, some prefer staying home. Would you feel better your kids be in a social setting outside the home, getting that kind of great interaction? Would you feel a bit jealous that others get to spend so much time with your kids? Are you fulfilled staying at home with them (although you do work)? Do you miss co-workers and the social part of working outside the home? And then the big issue, figure out what is best financially.

Also, does your husband have an opinion that you'd want to consider? He is after all a very important person in your life too - and knows you best.

Lisa - posted on 11/06/2015




Strictly analyzing this from a logical and financial perspective, working outside the home will probably cost more money in child care, and therefore you will be making less money overall. Including travel costs and other things such as clothing and other necessities of working in a professional office environment. It isn't worth it if you think about it that way.

From an emotional point of view, if you enjoy being around your kids more often, then loosing out on money to go into an office everyday just doesn't seem worth it at all. Career wise, it is quite a compliment. I would smile and pass if it were me.

Michelle - posted on 11/04/2015




Yes, step up as a mom, not in the job environment. Children need their mother desperately. May God give you the strength and endurance. Congratulations!

Amanda - posted on 11/03/2015




Well, I honestly would not take the step up at work. They aren't giving you any more money, and taking time away from your beautiful girls, nothing will be able to replace the time you lose with them. They need you more than your job needs you (sorry if that sounds harsh). Stay home with those girls, and enjoy every....single....second! And congrats on the twins! 💖


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