Stay at home moms - how do you work your day?

Lydia - posted on 10/10/2011 ( 12 moms have responded )




How do you schedule your day throughout the day? How do you find time to get stuff done around the house with baby? (Mine is 4.5 months old) Trying to figure out how to vacuum, mop, straighten, etc., around baby who doesn't necessarily enjoy the sling or carrier.

I'm new to all this as a stay-at-home...and I'm a teacher so I thrive on routine!! :)


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I just include my kids in my chores, I get my eldest who is 2 to pass me the things out the dishwasher to put away, he puts The wet clothes into the dryer for me etc and if my youngest (4 1/2 months) is awake I stick her in her chair and sing nursery rhymes to her, her elder brother entertains her as well when he's in the mood :-)

My son loves being chased by the Hoover so I play chasecwhile hoovering, I try and make chores into a game because I find them boring as well. It takes longer but the interaction is great for the kids.

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ugh I have found it gets harder the older they get. i think between 12mths and 14mths was the hardest for me. My son was so needy, independent but needed me by him all the time! I say do it while they nap and spread the chores out throughout the week so you can also have time to take a quick nap. Also take a day off from cleaning...well at least do dishes if needed but that's it!

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Hi I'm Annah,
I used to be a preschool teacher. I have a boy he's almost 4. One thin I have found that helps is having a picture schedule. So say it's time for you to work on the dishes, tell your baby that you are going to do the dishes show her a pictrue of you at the sink doing the dishes. To keep her happy while you are doing the dishes I used to put my son in a bouncy seat with his favoret toy or in his exersoucer. If he started crying or screaming I would talk to him and explain to him what I was doing. I know it seems silly to talk to them like they understand what's going on, but it really helped him and I've noticed as he got older his vocabulary was exceptionally high and now that he's older he is more likely to go and intertain himself when I'm doing house work. When I was doing all that I was working now I'm staying home with him and can't seem to get into a routine. I feel like I'm more busy with him and can't get any house work done now that I'm not working. I'm trying to figure out how to do house work and not feel like I'm ignoring him. I hope this helps. I'm going to have to take my own advice and start making my picture schedule again. The one I had when I was working won't work now that I'm staying home. I have found that not only does he need a picture schedule that I need one also so he knows what I'm doing and knows that during that time he will need to be doing his own thing/what ever his schedule says for him to do.


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well my son just started kindergarten and my daughter is almost a year...sometimes u just can't do it all i have some to accept this but i also have a list of the most important things that need to be done in my day...i have a big clandendar to mark in special things and anything else to get done is extra...i cook and clean and get my son ready for school i drop him off and pick him up and all with my daughter in tow because my husband is working...i have to have dinner and supper ready but then there is the things i can let if there is not much dishes in the sink then i can do them later so me and my daughter will go do something else...etc...if there is stuff i really need to get done then i learn what preoccupies the kids and then i do it or i wait till my son is in school and my daguther is down for a nap and then i try to get as much done as possible...and my husband even though he works still helps out a lot when he gets home weather its helping with the work or with the kids...

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I have one year old twins and I normall put up the baby gate and let them play together for a little while while I start some daily chores. I try to take breaks and do soemthing with them in between like read a story, play with some toys or sing a few songs. After that they are usually satisfied and don't mind getting in the swing or exersaucer for a little while again so that I can get more things accomplished. For the next break I do diaper changes, snacks and then I can do a few more chores. We take an afternoon walk followed by lunch and then they nap for 3 horus. I can get a lot of things done then and even a quick power nap sometimes!

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When my boy was a baby I tried to do most things around his "down time" (he's never taken regular naps and he's almost 5 now!) My son was about 2.5 years when he finally outgrew his "pack and play" folding playpen. I kept a few of his favorite toys in there and a favorite blanket and he'd play himself to sleep or keep busy and I was able to do some things. Keep in mind things like laundry and dishes can be "passive" chores if you have machines. You can rinse the dishes and put them in the washer in about 20 minutes or less then the washer does the rest. Buy yourself a laundry sorter (at least three bins) and separate white/color/delicate so you don't have to worry about separating loads when you start laundry. Mine are three mesh bags and when they're full I just fill the washer with soap and water and dump the clothes from bag to washer, set the cycle and about a half hour or so later I put the clothes in the dryer and start another load.

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I used to set my kids in the play pen with their favorite toys and books. That way they can't go anywhere and I know they're safe in their area. They also slept in it too. Love that play pen.

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I've been trying different things since my second baby was born. I had it down to a science until then!

I try to do things in the same general order each day...and on the same days of the week each week. It doesn't always go according to plan. But at least there's a plan and SOME of it gets done. Do the most important things first. It's important that we have clean diapers and clothes and laundry and dishes are first on my list during the day. And of course, the kids and husband trumps housework everyday.

First thing in the morning I put on a load of laundry and unload the dishwasher. Then make breakfast. After breakfast we do errands or crafts or play outside. I also switch clothes from washer to dryer or hang them outside. Then lunch. Then the kids take a nap (hopefully). During nap I do a chore depending on the day...vacuum/mop, bathrooms, organize, etc. And I take out the stuff for supper and prepare as much as I can (thaw, wash, chop, mix). When they wake up it's generally time to start supper. We eat. The older kid plays outside or watches a movie and I clean the kitchen and entertain the younger kid (husband works nights and he helps during this time when he's not working). I turn on the dishwasher so I can unload in the morning. Then baths and bed. This is when I unwind by watching TV and folding clothes.


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I just vaccum around the kids and fold washing while they play if the baby doesn't want to be put down i do some things while she's asleep

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Thanks ladies! With my first baby, I didn't have anyone else to answer to. Now, with 2 kids, my time is cut much shorter! Additionally, I still teach online, so I have to find a way to do that plus the housework, plus stay SANE! :) Great tips here. Thanks!

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I use to try to schedule a room a day. That was my goal when my daughter was about 6 months. She didn't mind the bouncy seat but I hated leaving her in it all day! As she got older I learned to vaccum with one hand and hold her in the other. Also letting your little one cry for a reasonable amount of time isn't a bad thing. You can't always make them happy and they need to learn self soothing. But remember if your house is messy it's alright, your a mom not wonderwoman and if any one expects more than that out of you it's their problem!

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Do all those things around his nap or after he has gone to bed at night. He should be still taking two naps so vacuum and mop while he is napping.

You can do laundry with your son play with him as your folding laundry etc. Same with dishes put him next to you and play with him as you get them done.

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