stay at home moms protect yourself financially.

Olivia - posted on 06/09/2015 ( 5 moms have responded )




I was a stay at home for about 25 years. I waited until all my children were out of home to pursue my goals.That goal was to go to college and start a career as a teacher. It took me 5 years to achieve my goal but I did it. I majored in Foreign Languages and received 2 minors. Elementary Ed. and Reading. I began my career it was cut short by my diagnosis of Parkinson's. So I wasn't able to work
During these 3 years I discovered my so called loyal husband cheating on line. I want to divorce him but can't because he controls the money. I have advice for all you young stay at home mothers. Start a secret savings account for yourselves so you won't be in my situation. I will divorce him but it will take a little longer until I save enough money for a lawyer.


Mary - posted on 06/09/2015




Good job with making sure you were there for your children and putting their needs before your own. Its appalling that a man can see his wife doing all she can for her family and even putting her dreams on hold for the benefit of her family Yet still choose to be disloyal. I hope you get all you deserve.

Sincerely, A new stay at home mom


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Dimple - posted on 06/17/2015




I totally agree with u were have to keep some good amount with us for our better living... Any kind of situation May occur we have to be prepared for that financially physically n mentally

Jodi - posted on 06/12/2015




I don't agree with having secret accounts. Secrets (including bank accounts) in a marriage can bring the downfall of the marriage. If you can't have an account with your own money, and if you can't access the family assets, then it probably isn't much of a marriage anyway.

Michelle - posted on 06/10/2015




I learned this the hard way with my 1st marriage as well.
I've since remarried but my husband completely understands that I will have my own account and he has no problems with it. It's not a secret but he doesn't have access to it. I have access to his accounts though :)

Cutemommy - posted on 06/09/2015




Good advice I feel guilty for going to school and not working sometimes but this definitely makes me think about my long term goals. I so sorry this all had to happen to you.

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