Stay at home mother; And my mother-in-law hates it!!!

Xo, Mimi - posted on 04/20/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I moved in with my boyfriend and his mother last year on October. Ever since i have not worked. Him and i came to an agreement in which we both thought it was better for me to stay at home with our doll since he is always working and we don't have anyone to look after her; whom we really trust. My mother in law and i get along pretty well. We can go shopping together and talk about girl things all day if we want but the one problem we have is that she is jealous of me because her son pays more attention to me than her. I have spoke to him about it but he tells me she needs to understand that i am his wife and i deserve his attention at all times. Although, she has this issue towards me we still manage to have a great relationship, till lately, she has been kinda mean towards me, saying rude comments when she gets into a disagreement with her son. She comments about " when is she going to get a job, why are you always choosing her side... blah blah blah" . i know, she knows i can hear everything, but who am i to say something to her? NOBODY!
Of course, my boyfriend stands up for me all the time. And tells her why does she worry so much about me getting a job, its not like i'm wasting her money. I can honestly say i have a great boyfriend whom supports me in everything i want to do, such as, keep on going to school and looking after our doll. But to her thats not enough. We have came into an agreement in which we both think its better for us to be on our own but he feels bad on leaving her alone bc she's constantly reminding him, how he doesnt love her because he always choses me over her. smh

I dont know what to do anymore, i'm going crazy..
Has anyone been through this before, if so how did you cope with it??



Michelle - posted on 04/21/2013




You and your boyfriend need to get out on your own. He needs to cut those apron strings and trust that his "Mommy" is a big girl now and can look after herself. She obviously makes him feel guilty about trying to live his own life and that's HER problem, NOT his or yours!

The arrangement that you and your boyfriend have is between the 2 of you, not the 3 of you. Yes you can stand up to her and hopefully he will as well. If it's not financially viable for you 2 to live on your own then write out some house rules. 1 of them would be that no one else has the right to interfere with the way anyone else lives their life. You are all adults and have the right to make your own choices.

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