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Maureen - posted on 07/09/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




I need help. I am a stay at home mom step mom for the first time in my life. Working and juggling a gone was so much easier!! To add fire to the flame one of my step daughters has some mental health issues that make it even harder to relax. She pushes my buttons like no one else ever has. I feel like I'm going crazy. This morning I had a meltdown because as many weekends I came down from my room and the dogs hadn't been fed, there was a pile of dishes in the sink, and various other things that made me scream and then cry. I don't want to be this way. We are supposed to go to a festival with the kids today and now my husband is laying in bed saying he doesn't feel like going now. This is adding to my distress. I had back surgery last year so I also still suffer with pain and I've been feeling like I have a cold for like 2-3 months now. Antibiotics hasn't cleared it and I am getting nervous. There is just too much overwhelming me


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Nellynunes148 - posted on 07/27/2016




Try coming up with a schedule, so she knows what your expectations are, for example in our house
Mondays grocery shopping, cleaning the fridge and the pantry
Tuesdays fun days going to movies, splash pads, just a day to be out and about
Wednesdays laundry wash, dry, iron, put away
Thursdays clean the basement
Friday clean the whole house
Saturday laundry
Sunday church and another fun day with the family

When I am cleaning or doing laundry the children can play in the backyard, this way they know if they help out things will get done quicker and we can have fun together which is part of being a stay at home mom

Michelle - posted on 07/10/2016




So what are the house rules? Does your husband enforce your step children to do their chores? Have you spoken to your husband about the children not doing what is expected?
To me, what you got upset about is pretty minor.

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