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Hi everyone
I am not necessarily a mother yet, but hopefully will be sometime soon in the future. I have my degree in teaching, and have worked a little in the workforce (I am 23). My husband is in the military so we travel around a lot so it can be hard sometimes to find a teaching job here and there. Anyways. I always like to plan for the future and wanted a opinion of caring moms out there. I was considering being a stay at home mom once we have kids. I figure the income I would be bringing in if I worked honestly wouldn't be that much once the child costs are taken out of it. My mother was a stay at home mom, and I appreciate that she was. I guess I just would feel guilty if I chose not to bring in an income. My hubby works so hard, and we want to wait until he gets promoted and clear any student loans he has from the past before starting a family. I just can't shake the guilt I guess. I don't want him to think I'm lazy by not working (even though he says he won't think so)-- I guess I am just battling with my inner emotions. What are the benefits? cons? let me know :)


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There is a happy medium, I have found. I am a mother to a 5-month old boy. Before I became a mom at 42 years of age, I had a career as a lawyer and as a property manager. I worked 60-70 hours a week and made a good living but it was not possible to return to a job like that once I was a mom. It also wasn't very cost-effective to return to work, just as it wasn't for you. Besides, I didn't want to go back to work and leave my son! I wanted to enjoy being a mother to my son and felt "entitled" on some level to be able to do that. Although my husband works, we need a second income. So, I have found a happy medium - be a mom who works from home. Find ways to use your skills, experience and credentials to work from home. For example, since you are a teacher, perhaps you can tutor or run workshops from your home. Private tutoring may very well be more lucrative than working for a school. I wish you the best of luck. Finding a balance isn't easy but it's so rewarding when you do!

Best, Marlene

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