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Sorry to bother here but I am really need from your guys ... My husband has a 10 years old boy with his EX girlfriend and they broke cause his EX got laid with others. His EX pushed him to leave their house. After 2 years, we met and his kid was 8 years old. I know and I accept to be a step mum since I say I DO to our relationship. We have him every weekend and some weekdays if his mum is busy with boyfriends ( I see her different men in different season in her house while I go to pick up kid ). She is lazy and her house always in a mess so my step kid learn that perfectly. I tried to teach him flash restroom after he used , tie his shoes before he go out to play , not throw clothes every where in the house, eat more vegetables and healthy food, respect food in restaurants... ... But he would just tell you : Well , my mum never say no about those . His weight over 100 pounds since he was 8 years old because he eats a lot fast food and snack but refuses sports outside. He said men should busy with video game. He want to be the one who his mum want him to me. My husband never told him why he broke with his mum just tried to not to hurt him but his mum told him another story how deeply his dad hurt her and left them. He trusted his mum deeply. His grandma love him so much and try to push my husband to be around him all the time to make his mum feel guilty about she love sex more than be with her son. His grandma insisted to require us to give him whole attention and love more than everything. We won't have time for personal like see a moving or enjoy dating outside. But it doesn't mean my step kid would really enjoy that. We took him a water park for new year holiday but his dad pushed him to eat healthy food only, he refused and preferred to bear hungry. Beside that, He played happily in water park with his dad and nothing until we visited his grandma for a dinner together on the way back. Then he talked to his grandma he got nothing but mad and asked to back to his mum at once. His grandma mad and blamed my husband at once. My husband and me under great stress from his grandma . We are hardly to have a single weekend even once a month to enjoy love but just drive hours to pick kid home and send him back , our feeling just like we even have no a break in weekend after busy work in weekday. We have our own baby this year but things just goes worse. My step kid is fine in front of us every time and we are so glad he learn to keep room tidy , eat more healthy food and lean some housework but my husband got more calls from his grandma about how he mad about we pushing for housework instead of playing with him because his mum never needed him to learn any. Both of us are tired. I tried my best to be a good step mum , I hope him learn to be more strong and independent because he is not diaper aged or a little baby any more. He should learn some work and take good care of himself. I don't understand if there is any thing I am wrong ? While I saw he was not that kind to baby while there's no families around I have a thought came out from my mind that was if every one would feel better if I and baby leave for our own lives. Single mum is never easy but better than keep my family running around boy only.


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At 8, I think the best you can do is keep at what you are doing. I was in a similar situation and tried my best since the bio mom would basically let her daughter do as she pleased and didn't care by most accounts, but the father had other problems that I finally had enough of and knew I could never say "I do" to. I feel sorry to leave his daughter without the extra mom-figure for advice and support, but I have to think of my own baby first...

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