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Liz - posted on 06/06/2016 ( 7 moms have responded )




What is better staying home with the kids or work I love working it gives me a big break is that bad to say that.?


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Roopa - posted on 06/11/2016




When you are working, you have help. Being a stay at home gives no time for yourself. which means sooner or later chances are you will start losing your sanity. Off course there are other factors - if you are high on energy, adventurous, playful and still can maintain the house, cook etc. you can enjoy being a stay at home mom. If personal space is important , it would be best to say working would be great decision.

Whatever decision you will make will be after you know your situation and the decision is always going to be right. Do what makes you happy and not guilty. Your happiness plays a major role. Only a happy mom can keep a child happy. else vice versa.

Veronica - posted on 06/10/2016




I would love to be a stay at home mom.I have 2 girls, 5 and 1. With my 5 year old I was able to stay at home for the first 2 years. With my second, I came back to work after 6 weeks, which I should have not done and taken advantage of staying home.

Although I love my job, nothing beats being at home! I feel like I missed out on my 1 year old's first everything! My oldest is starting kindergarten and I want to be there every step of the way, from attending PTA to field trips and more. I am currently considering dropping from a full time to part. I would love to just quit and not work but the money is great and with 2 growing kids, there are just too many places we want to vacation to, that leaving work fully would not be so much of a good idea to my pockets, with those plans. I just figure extra money ,more trips.

At some point my kids will get old enough to depend on themselves and I feel that then I could go back full time. Some parents need to get away and I can't say work doesn't fix that but the gym is always helpful! Great stress reliever! If I could stay home I would forever. Take advantage and stay home especially if its an option! Consider or find someone how can help from time to time when mama needs some alone time when needed.

Michelle - posted on 06/07/2016




It's a very individual thing. One is not better than the other.
I personally prefer working as well.

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