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Staying home

Breyon'te - posted on 12/13/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Soo tired of being at home!!! a mother if a two yr old!! And im still with my baby father!!! Im in college so all I do is study and do h.w and on the weekends I feel stuck in the house. No time to hang with the girls no nothing???...


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Sarah M - posted on 12/16/2013




Yes, I totally understand. I'm at home with my 2 year old, his sister 4 goes to school full time thank god. But I never get a real break. I go to school full time as well, and the only time I get is to do homework. I am going looneytunes over here. Even though I cant afford it really, I have decided to put my son in Daycare 1 full day a week. He has been before and I like the facility...mostly I know I can be a better mom with a full day to catch up on chores, HW or sit around and watch a movie. I might even hit up the Olive Garden alone, who knows. But I am looking forward to this time. Would it be possible for you to do this? When my daughter was little I had her with a lady who did an in-home day care. (I was working then) but it was way cheaper and she got that attention from another loving mom who took great care of her. Can you find an in home daycare on Craigslist? Check a couple out. I decided on that lady because her own children were happy, clean and well feed. You need to find some way to get a break with out depending on BD (babby daddy) they never help like they should.

Rachel - posted on 12/14/2013




GIRL I hear u! im a single sahm and it get so depressing! If I could go back to work right now full time that would be a miracle! I cherish being home with my son and seeing him meet all his milestones and everything but I have always been te working type. Thnkgoodness I start school next month!

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