Stop being racist!

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Ive encountered some racist prick who simply assume that i hv an agenda for trying to be friends. I am a sincere person who join this group just for the sake of sharing thoughts and experience by being a SAHM. All i ever share are my interests in cooking and art and the moment they saw my last name, im labelled. How stupid can some ppl be claiming to come from a developed nation. Im sorry for being furious here. To the moderators if you feel that im irrelevant, pls remove me. You need to scan your members so as to not having such ppl with so much hatred for others. If there are moms who are racists and narrow minded, they do nothing good for the nxt generation and to ppl of the world. They will only spread hatred. No one, race, religion, nation or believes are superior than the other. We need love for all mankind, animals and plants to make this world a better place. I do hope that there are still good ppl out there. Thank u.


Michelle - posted on 12/31/2015




Just letting you know that the Mod's don't screen members, neither do the Admin of each community. This is an open forum and the management can't control who look at the site. If you do have a problem with some, please report them to either the management or an Admin/Mod. These contacts are found on the right hand side of the screen.
I'm surprised you have posted your email address if you have already received hateful messages, that's just asking for trouble. I would suggest you delete your email address.


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American - posted on 12/30/2015




Your welcome and I believe we all made from his flesh and all bleed if you cut us. I was raised that way by a well known biker group so I feel your pain of judgement. Good night dear. Hope to catch up with Yahoo on other posts.

[deleted account]

Thank u very much. You are truly a beautiful person. Thank God there are more good ppl around. :)

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