StraNge SiSter in LaW

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My parents babysit for my nephew all the time and in the past couple years I have come over to play and spend time with my nephew, perhaps 3 times a week for several hours playing trains, leagues, chase, reading and more reading. This was between ages 3-5. My sister in law treats me like shit, and both my parents, and brother allegedly talked with her to because they were tired of seeing her be a bitch. So, I guess that made her even more crazy. She has tried to find a reason for me not to be able to be with my nephew alone bc she is intensely jealous that he thinks I am the greatest. So I guess my nephew has told his parents that he runs around his grandparents house naked. Which is pretty funny at a toddler-child age. Since my parents are mainly in charge and I am just their to play with him, I leave the discipline to them. I asked my nephew "do your parents let you run around naked at your home?" He said yes (which was in fact true). However when my sister in law found out that I was over and her kid was running around naked, somehow she changed the story to me rough housing with him while he was naked in my childhood bedroom. This is so untrue and makes me sick of what she is trying to insinuate, Anyway, it is creepy that my sister in law is trying to soil my character.
As it is, sister in law and brother let their son run around naked at their house all the time, so the hypocrites have set a bad example. He is at my parents' house about 5 times a week for about 6 hours each time, so I am also starting to wonder where he really felt at "home". When I would come over he would often already be running around naked. How is it that I am the scapegoat in this scenario?? What would you suggest that I do?
I asked my brother to dinner and am going to talk with him about it. I feel his wife is very toxic and don't want to be around that energy. This is not the only egregious thing she has done, just the one I am dealing with at the moment.
Thank you for any astute input...

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