Strange teething behavior...

Isa - posted on 08/15/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I would like to hear about your childrens teething behavior and what you did to handle it. My son, for instance, doesn't sleep as well or as long as he used to! I'm exhausted!


Jana - posted on 08/15/2009




Hylans Teething Tablets are God's little gift to moms, motrin and a frozen corner of a wash cloth. oh and one of thos vibrating teethers!


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Sharron - posted on 08/15/2009




She sleeps more actually a couple naps during the day, she bites, hates her teething rings but chews on blankets, bibs, towels, clothing, anything cloth, and she is extra clingy with me lately. She eats a LOT i'm talkin' abottle and a full serving of baby food lol and she just falls asleep. I've been giving her a cold towel to chew on that seems to calm her down. I looked today and one has already poked through! :) so cute.

Kara - posted on 08/15/2009




my son is teething right now and he's four months...He actually hasn't been that bad i mean he been fussy in the evening,crying alot more,drooling, constantly trying to put anything and everything in his mouthh lol..but he is still slepping through the night.prolly only bc he goes to sleep around 8 or 9 and i wake him up between 10-12 for another feeding and feed him rice mixed wit the formula and he doesnt wake up untull 8 or 9 in the morning its the best ! i mean b/w 4-6 ther suppose to sleep thro the night but rite now my stragedy is workin but i gota stop that soon. But yeh hes a fussy brat lol..but i also been using the teething caplets too n i have def seen a differance the doc say nO but i say YAH!!

Tara - posted on 08/15/2009




Not eating as well as normal, not sleeping as well as normal, extra cranky, serious drool machines. My pediatrician said that as long as my daughter was getting enough fluids to not worry too much about the food intake. The sleeping issue is tougher - I usually try to put some type of teething gel on her gums right before bedtime or mealtime, that seems to help a lot - also some baby Tylenol occasionally seems to help. For teething rash on her chin because of the heavy drooling I actually put just plain zinc cream (used normally for diaper cream) on her chin and rub it in a little - it keeps the moisture away from her skin so the rash clears up better. I've heard the Hyland's teething tablets are great, but I can't get them in my area, so I've been using Little Teethers teething gel (from Shopper's Drug Mart) and baby Tylenol just before bedtime.

Angela - posted on 08/15/2009




All of mine started teething around 4mths of age. I am going through it right now with my youngest, he does not breastfeed well or for as long as he normally does. Not eating as normal contributes to him not sleeping as normal. lol We have been calling him the drool machine for the past week. I use hyland's teething tablets and they have worked out well, but I just started using those yesterday for this baby.

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