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was courious to see if anyone has had it or has any info on it. I know someone who is going tru it and wanted to help her out with any personal info i can get thanks everyone?


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i had it when i was pregnant with Ellee. My midwife got me to take a bunch of probiotics and drink pure cranberry juice and tea. The probiotics were taken both ways if you know what I mean...if you stick with it, it works. My strep B went away just before I had her so I didn't need to take anti-biotics during labour. They say if you have it when the baby comes out, there is a small chance that they could get an infection from it and die. It always best to just get rid of the bacteria though instead of going for the anti-biotics if you can because your baby needs the good bacteria while coming out of the birth canal. Hope this helps.

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I tested pos. for strep b with my second child. they gave me antibiotics to clear up the infection BEFORE the baby was born, but they also added IV antibiotics to my IV while I was in labor. My baby and I are both perfectly healthy and had no neg. side effects from the infection. It is VERY common and the doctors ALWAYS give IV antibiotics during labor/deliver to prevent the infection from being transmitted to the baby during birth. It is just a bacterial infection (common to bacterial colds, etc) and is easily cleared up using antibiotics. Tell your friend good luck.

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I didn't have it for my first three babies, but do now for my fourth. I guess it's not very uncommon and is no big deal for the mom. I was told by my doc that I will have to have in IV during birth to get antibiotics. I guess it can be pretty bad for the baby to get it, so they give antibiotics at birth. Other than that there has been nothing different in this pregnancy than my others. Theer is some info on it in the WHat to Expect When You're Expecting book.

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I had it with my second pregnancy. My doc treated me 3 X with heavy antibiotics, and it never went away. It tends to hang around for the duration of the pregnancy. My doctor talked me into having a csection prior to my water breaking. He made it very clear...that if my water breaks or leaks...that it was considerred a medical emergency because the vaginal strep can permiate into the amniotic sac and baby can get it. It was very unsettling knowing this. He scheduled a c section, but I went into labor a day early, so they did the csection immeadiately after they determined I was having real contractions. I had to have 2 or 3 doses of IV antibiotics as a precaution. It is pretty standard proceedure for a vag strep. Feel free to message me if you have further Questions.

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I was told I had it when I was about 33 or 34 weeks pregnant with my son. I didn't even knoe I had it cause I had no symptons or anything. It can only be transmitted if she goes into labor before 37 weeks, fever, UTI during pregnancy with GBS, and if her membranes rupture more than 18 hours before delivery.

When I was in labor they gave me an IV with antibiotics so when he came out he wouldn't get an infection lyke pneumonia or meningitis and he came out just fine. They also drew sum blood (can't remember what it was for though) and took it to the lab to run sum tests on it. They eventually took the IV out a few hours I gave birth.

if you need more info check out this site:


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I had it with both of my pregnancies. The first time, I had a long labor, and plenty of time for antibiotics. It wasn't fun, because IV's are so unnatural, and that's not what I wanted, but it surely could have been worse. Plus, if you are doing a hospital birth (you didn't say) you will likely have an IV anyhow, so it won't be any different for you in that case.

With my second one, the labor was really short, and when I got to the birth center, it was time to push, so there was no time for antibiotics. My son was just fine, and I got to avoid the nasty IV (of course I'd have taken it without hesitation if there had been time, but since there was not, I was happy about not having to have one).

The bottom line is that being GBS+ did not negatively effect me or my babies at all, and that's how it goes for the vast majority of people. It is definitely something to be aware of so you can take the necessary precautions (in most cases, antibiotics during labor), but it is nothing to be scared of or nervous about.

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I had strep B with my second baby. I had a home birth and she came early so my midwives didn't have time to pick up the medication for it. Even if they had picked it up it wouldn't have had time to work, my daughter came that quick lol. Your friend shouldn't worry about it. If she is having a hospital birth then she will automatically get the iv/meds when she checks in. And if for some reason she doesn't, they can give the meds to the baby after. I didn't have the meds and neither did my daughter, and we were both fine.

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Right first of all go to the gbss website they will tell you and your friend everything you need to know about gbs. I had it on my last pregnancy and i have to be tested at 37 weeks on this pregnancy to make sure if its still with me or not. The group b strep support group will send you loads of info and stickers to put on your friends notes so everyone she deals with is aware she has this. This is a serious thing and babies die every year from this. Please tell your friend to look at the website gbss also have a facebook page just search group b strep. Mail me if theres anything specific ou want to ask.

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