stressed and ready to give up!!

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Hi everyone. I am a stay at home mom of 2 boys. They are 7 years apart. My oldest is 8 wroth sever adhd. And my youngest is 14 months and still doesn't sleep all night let alone take a nap longer than an hour.

But here lately my oldest has been has been really defiant. And when he gets mad he acts like he is going to hit me. I'm constantly arguing with him about everything. I have grounded him and taken things away. Nothing is working.

The the baby wakes up ever hour on the hour all night every night screaming. I get maybe 2 to 3 hours of sleep a night. And during the day he won't let me do anything. I try to do dishes he pushes me a way from the sink. He even pushes me a way from stove when I'm cooking.

I have no friends and no social life.

My Husband went to 3rd shift so he could help me more with the kids. That has yet to happen. I have the kids 24/7. My husband told me to get a job. Not for the money but my sanity. I would love to get a part time job and put that money in the bank for the boys. But that isn't going to help my situation. If anything it would make me more exhausted and tired.

My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told him 24 hours away from the kids so I can get sleep. Instead of 24 hours away with sleep I got nothing. I figured he would take the weekend off to spend with me. Nope he worked all weekend and even went in early.

All he does is sleep when he is home. And complains he is tired. I have even told him that if I don't get sleep soon I'm taking a weekend for my self. I don't care if i have to sleep in my car.

I'm so stressed right now that I have become depressed. And all I want to do is cry and now I literally can't sleep. And I'm so exhausted I have no appetite. And my husband says he gets it and says sorry but there is nothing he can do.

There has been a couple times I have thought about walking out the door. And make him deal with everything. But that killed me even more. Am I wrong for wanting time for my self? Time a way from the kids to get sleep? Or am I just being childishly selfish? Because right now I just want to give up. I can't keep running on 14 hour of sleep a week. I'm confused, lonely, and I feel forgotten and I have no where else to turn.


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HI sounds like you have your hands full! i too have a son with ADHD i know how hard it can be, its not selfish at all to want time to yourself even just to sleep, first of all i would put the youngest one in daycare, even if its just for a few hours one day a week so you get a break and some sleep, second why is your 14mth old not sleeping? is there a medical reason behind it? is there any family that can help you out with the youngest while your 8 year old is at school?

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