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Lidiana - posted on 11/16/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




So does anyone have any pointers on savings?

Right now I turn off my water heater after showers and turn it on an hour before we shower.

I also put up the a/c to 80 during the day and lower it at 6 pm.

I try to buy clothes for the kids that is on clearance.

As for groceries I try to buy what is also on sale.

We only have my husbands income in our house and he is on salary we just moved to Naples and the cost of living here is hire that we were accustomed to in our old town.


User - posted on 11/18/2012




I do the same thing with the ac/heat. Ialways make sure I turn off all the lights I am not using. Unplug all the appliances. We dont have cell phones anyore we just have a home phone since we are home most the time. We dont get on any contracts or anything because usually its costly ifyou have to break it (we dont take any chances) or after its done the prices usually go up. Instead of cable TV we only havea digital boxand get a few channels, and buy dvds instead. We dont watch alot of tv, and it helps not having a bill and being more active instead of sitting on the couch all day. With gas for the car I usually try to make one trip to do it all expecially becasue Im in the country. Groceries we buy things on sale, store brands which are alot cheaper and wth alot of things you cant tell a difference. For clothes for my son since he grows out of them every few months we buy mostly used things.

Another trick I heard that I havent tried yet but Iwould like to in the ner future is filling 2 sandwhich bags full of sand and putting them inside the back of the toilet and it is supposed to safe water with every flush, If Im thinking correctly , they said saving about 10 gallons a month.

We had to drop alot of things when I became a SAHM and we do live a very simple lifestlye, I didnt know how much Id like it, but once I started it, I will never go back to my old life, we save soo much money and Ive really learned to appreciate soo much Ive never really realized before. Its things that I used to love material things/hobbies that I learned to live without but it has made me such a better person, and it started just by trying to save money lol

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