Strong willed 11 month old, What do I do?

Amber - posted on 01/22/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter has always been advanced. Lately, she has been so strong willed. I don't know what to do. I tell her no in a firm voice, I put her down and walk out of her room. She bits me, pulls my hair, yells at me when she doesn't get her way and when I try to give her her finger foods she yells at me and grabs for different ones. I think she has already hit the hard twos. She is not even 1 yet. It all started at 9 months. I am a stay at home mom and I am with her a lot of the day, so she is getting a lot of attention. Yikes! Any advice would be great! :)


Chrystal - posted on 01/23/2012




I wouldn't make meal time a battle time by that I mean if she wants to eat great but if she doesn't than don't force it. Does it really matter which order she eats her finger food in or just that she eats it? She's asking for some independence give it to her let her choose which bite she takes let her feed herself. My son was feeding himself by 9 months he was a huge mess but so what things and babies wash.

As far as the rest of it keep doing what your doing telling her no and putting her down. If she's yelling and screaming ignore it or like I did put her in time out. Time out for my son was a play pen in his room just until he calmed down then I went in and said something like "I'm so proud you calmed yourself down lets go play nice now" and moved on that worked when he was that age. There was no reasoning at that age with that state of mind it was just a safe place for him to work through it and see that it didn't get him what he wanted.

Medic - posted on 01/23/2012




Don't feed into it, if she is not cooperating at meal time just take her away from the food and tell her, " well since your not ready to eat we will try later" and try in 5-10 min. Tell her no when she hits and you can start time out.


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Yevette - posted on 01/23/2012




guide lines... time outs... no... she is definitely testing her limits. that is really what she is doing. so don't worry about her being terrible. all kids go through stages some are ok, some are a little more demanding... give her two choices.

say carrots and peanut butter OR pbj sandwich... the red shirt or the blue shirt.... keep your ground w/o being over baring.

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