stuttering at age 8

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Is there anything I can do to help my 8 year old stop stuttering?


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I just got a hand out from my son's pediatrician, because he stutters a lot, but he is only 3. They usually don't worry about it until they are over the age of 5, because it is normal for kids under 5, because their mind is able to think of words faster than the tongue can produce them. Since your son is over the age of 5, he really should see a speach therapist. Here are some points from my handout, that can help make things a little easier.
1) encoursge conversaion, but keep it enjoyable and avoid asking for verbal performance or reciting
2)Help your child relax when stuttering occurs- mild stuttering should be ignored, but if your child is having trouble speaking, say something reassuring like "don't worry, I can understand you."
3)Don't correct your child's speech. avoid telling them to slow down or correct pronunciation. Also avoid praise for good speech, because it implies that your child's previous speech wasn't up to standard
4)Don't interrupt your child's speech - give them ample time to finish saying what he was saying and don't complete sentences for him
5)Don't ask your child to repeat himself or start over - listen very carefully, and unless it is very important, don't ask him to repeat something you couldn't understand
6) Don't ask your child to slow down when he speaks because it just makes them more self conscious about the stuttering
7)Don't label your child a stutterer - discuss the stuttering with others (if you need to) when the child isn't present
8)Ask other adults not to correct your child's speech
9)Help your child to relax and feel accepted in general

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Julie, that's interesting. My dumb advice would be to talk slower and be much more patient with them. Ask them to slowly pronounce things and then start reading on a daily basis - an hour a day where they read to you. During this time, be comforting, encouraging. Give it a few week, see if there is any improvement. If not, I'd call doctors too. An evaluation can't hurt

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get the stress out of her life... stuttering is the #1 sign that she is being pressured to 'perform'...


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My oldest daughter stutters, she had to see a speech specialist in order to start preschool (required where we live) turns out her speech is just fine... she only stutters when she has done something she shouldnt have as a way to get out of being in trouble.

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I would def make an apt to see the make sure it is not neurogenic stuttering, or if you have a good relationship with your Ped Drs Nurse call them to see if they would like to see him or refer you out to a speech thep. The best word of advise it to let him know that he is not alone and that many famous people have the same issues like Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs. Here is a web site for the Stuttering Foundation

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