SUA and baby measurung small for dates

Sue - posted on 06/28/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




OK this might sound like a book but i'm extremely worried for my daughter who is expecting her first baby. By her dates she is due 16th Sept but on her 20wk scan they made her due date 23rd Sept. Which is not much of a problem being a weeks difference. But also it was picked up that baby has SUA (single utility artery) which basically means she has 2 vessel cord and not 3 vessel. The Sonographer said the baby would be small and she wanted my daughter seen by the midwives but when the sonographer rang them they said we are not interested just book her in for a 32wk growth scan! My daughter is now 28wks and 2wks ago she saw her midwife at 26wks and was measuring 22wks. The gap is getting bigger from her expected delivery date. So far she has been given 23rd, 26th and 29th september. Then yesterday I payed for her to have a 4d scan. The baby was measuring 25wks and weighed just over a1lb and below the 10th centile and he made the 5th October. The problem i'm worried about is when she goes for the 32wk growth scan that if the baby is well behind on dates, will they move them well back and not do anything else which will in theory make her so over due that it will cause real problems. Or hopefully they will see that baby is having problems growing because of only having 2 vessel cord that they might induce her 2 weeks early. What do you think they will do? it is such a worrying time and they don't seem to be bothered at all with her!


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Sue - posted on 07/05/2012




Thanks for the replys. I took your advice Louise and went with her today to her midwife appointment. And asked all the nagging questions. The midwife done all the usual checks and wasn't happy and rang the hospital and got my daughter booked in for an emergency scan tomorrow afternoon, of which i was thankful for as now my daughter is 28+ weeks and measuring 24wks and baby has only grown a centimetre in 4 weeks. So now i think the alarm bells are ringing for the midwifes as well. So hopefully from now on they will keep an extra eye on her.

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When they say measuring at so many weeks that is just the size of the uterus. I am a small woman and always measured 1-2 weeks behind my due date but my children were both average - 7lbs for my daughter born 5 days early and 7lbs9oz for my son born 2 days early.

Also how did they originally decide her due date? If they did not give her a dating ultra sound when she was only 6-9 weeks pregnant and instead just went by the last period the date could be up to 2 weeks off anyway. Your daughter could just ovulate very late in her cycle. My due date was always moved 1 week out from original date because I ovulate late.

Some woman just have small babies. my friend and her 2 sibling were all under 6.5lbs full term. Both of her children have been under 6.5 at birth too.

I think if there was something very concerning the doctors would be worried not just ignoring the issue. If they do figure that the baby really is having trouble growing in utero then they will take the baby (induce or c-section) early. I have had that happen to a friend too.

Maybe you can convince your daughter to be seen by another obgyn just to get piece of mind that the current practice is doing the right thing or not

Louise - posted on 06/29/2012




If they were worried they would be monitoring her once a week. The fact that multiple agencies are not worried then this can not be to serious. Scans are just a guide and not always correct. I can give you an example of this.All my babies have been big 10lbs with one scan at 34 weeks my daughter measuered small for her age although everybody had said she was going to be a whopper and that was the worry. This sonographer was way out as she said at 34 weeks she weighed 6lbs which is still big for a baby but not for my usual ones. My daughter was born 6 days later weighing 9lbs 3oz! She would of been about 13lb if she had gone full term. Take no notice of all this. If the baby is showing that she is not growing they will whip her out to give her the best chance. They are only allowed to let her go 14 days over her due date which is taken from her period date not scan date. I am sure your daughter in law is worried to so go with her to one of her appointments and ask all those nagging questions.

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