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im a stay at home mom with a 6 moth old boy, dad works all the time. i never get any sleep and we have decided to get a babysitter so i can get some sleep. now dad makes a decent amount of money but that goes to the house bills, child support to his ex for his 6 yr old and his debt he occurred before we were together. now i am wondering if i would still be able to get subsidy to pay for a in home babysitter to watch our kid so i can sleep. i also work 1-2 days a week bar tending, to help out with the money problems. now i am worried that subsidy won't consider us eligible, and if that is so what can i do to get the help we need? everything i have looked up about says if we both work and are not on welfare than there isn't any kind of support out there to help us...we do not have family to help us out either...the baby money we get each month we spend it on formula, diapers, clothing etc. we never use it for anything else besides what the baby needs. so we can't even use that money to pay the babysitter..


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I understand your frustration. My husband works 2 jobs & I work part time as a tutor. We have 3 kids. I was a stay at home mom until my youngest son turned 5 or 6. Luckily I was able to take my kids with me to work. I was the one who got up in the middle of the night because my I didn't have to work then. However, when I needed a break, I had my mom. Try asking family members or a trustworthy friend if they will give you some me time.

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