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Jenny - posted on 05/20/2011 ( 12 moms have responded )




so... summer is coming rapidly! What do you have planned to do with your kids who will now be at home all day? Do you have a bucket list? Parks, camps? Let's generate some ideas...
Where do you live and what will you be doing?


Toni - posted on 05/21/2011




We live in Indiana and we camp, fish, swim, hike... Of course that is after baseball season is over in June. Of course we have our days we are at home, when we play games and read books, or do crafts. I have 3 boys, so the crafts are coming to an end. THey are getting less and less interested. :(

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Jackie - posted on 06/09/2011




I have the outside chalk at the ready! Great idea about the splash parks :) I have just found one that is near me :) hopefully we will be going soon. Summer has already started here as i have an 1 year old who loves the outside. We brought a sand pit for the garden and we have a trampoline and my local children centre does lots of brilliant stuff like nature walks and picnics :)

Bridgette - posted on 06/09/2011




My daughter is 12 and i have to find her something to do this summer.She wants to go to nature and adventures camps,money is no problem.She likes to talk alot,so i don't want her talking me to death,lol.

Christy - posted on 06/03/2011




I live in Utah. I have four kids: 15, 13, 9 & 7.

Sara will be in a city play, rehearsing four days a week, 3-4 hours at a time. She may have drivers ed, and will also have piano lessons and voice lessons all summer as she has recently decided to be a music major when she goes to college.

Zack is taking drum lessons all summer. He also has Scouts every Tuesday night as well as several Saturday day hikes and over night hikes in preparation for his 50 miler hike at the end of the summer with the scouts.

Elijah is my runner, so I enroll him in a track & field program provided by one of the local Rec Centers. The HS track kids and coaches spend six weeks doing full fledged competition with younger kids wanting to learn to race. He also has Cub Scouts on Thursdays.

My youngest is just finishing up a season of soccer. Normally he would go to a week long soccer day camp, but I haven't signed him up for one yet this year. We'll see how that goes considering I'm spread pretty thin as a taxi mom.

My older kids have a summer job that requires mom, as they are too young to have a summer job. We work 1 or 2 Saturdays a month selling jam for a friend at a Farmer's Market. This provides them with extra money since I don't have deep pockets!

We also have a membership at the Rec Center that's just up the road! So anytime the kids are bored or too energetic, we'll go up there to swim, play basketball, or take classes! If the kids aren't busy during the summer, my sanity disappears.

My SIL is pretty amazing with her two girls. She has one activity planned for every day of the week: craft day, new recipe day, library day, field trip day, etc.

Chaya - posted on 05/27/2011




I live in north FL (not near the beach), and my husband already saw 100+ on the thermometer at work, so outside is a difficult place to play. I should also mention I'm pregnant with our second, and definitely don't need to get overheated! But there is a cold spring fed river here called the Ichetucknee Springs, and we hope to take a trip floating down it this summer :o) I would suggest looking for parks and state parks in your area.

Rachel - posted on 05/20/2011




Well, I live in Nebraska & I have signed my littl' one (age 3) for the summer reading program at our local library, we have a mommy & me group that meets twice a week at our church over the summer, and vacation bible school will be a week in June. We are going to Branson in July and that is about it! I plan to take him somewhere at least once a week like to the zoo or swimming. Hopefully we can spend lots of time outside!!

Pamela - posted on 05/20/2011




When my kids were little and now with my grandchildren we played games, had tea parties, and I kept tons of different arts and crafts, sewing, etc. I, also, have lots of out side games, side walk chalk and paint. Dress up clothes, and pretend games are also fun. Boys and girls!

LauraBeth - posted on 05/20/2011




We live in MS, I have a 2 year old and 8mo old, I make outdoor chaulk, we bought a bounce house, spalsh pool, we have 3 trips planed for FL, a trip to AK, and hopefully KY. we will go to the zoo a few times and there is a splash park for babies an hour away we plan to go to a few times as well. We love summer time! so we try to do as much as we can!! on rainny days we go and jump thru puddles my sons LOVES that lol

Jamie - posted on 05/20/2011




We live in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina. DD6 will just be doing some good old classic playing outside in the yard most of the day. We don't have the money to take her to some camp. We're hoping we can get a beach trip or a trip to Kings Dominion at some point in the summer. I'm leaning toward a weekend at the beach because I think with her being 6 I don't think she'd enjoy an amusement park fully. I'm gonna have her help me pick or veggies in the garden (if they grow, 1st year planting). For the most part not much exciting.

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