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being a stay home mother and a military spouse is on or near a base it's easier for me to meet other husband is recruiting now so we live in the civilian world again so i am having a hard time meeting people around here with children around my daughters age...still living hours from our hometown i don't have much support here...does anyone know how i can try to meet other mothers. i do talk to some at parks and stores, and i get along with most, but i am not sure how to ask for playdates without really knowing feels awkward to me. does anyone have adivice for me, i would really appreciate it.


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Kristin - posted on 04/06/2010




I hear you on the awkward bit. Unfortunately, I don't know that there really is anything other than just inviting them to playdates. You can always meet up at a park. You can usually meet other parent's through local classes, kid's art or athletic, storytimes at bookstores and the library. You can see if there is a local Mom's Club.

You don't say watch age your kids are, but you might try to meet up with some of these parent's for coffee or something on a more adult level. Just a thought since we mom's still need to have something outside of our kids to talk about. My brain feels like it is atrophying if I don't do something grown up occasionally.

Hope this helps. good luck.

Kylie - posted on 04/05/2010




maybe if you can find out where a local playgroup or mothers group meets?try google or just while your talking to someone mention that you want to find the safest parks for your child and if they have any sugestions on any great places they take their kids locally, what are the best days to go where and where do they go out on rainy days ..things like that..

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